Your home is your sanctuary and more and more Singaporeans are looking to add Zen in their living spaces. In fact, there are many inexpensive tips to make your home look more luxurious and expensive, but don’t have to cost you a fortune. So how are some Singapore homeowners achieving this with their home renovation Singapore?

Let’s take a look at 10 living rooms designed using the Contemporary Style of Interior Design. Each of these makes for a rather serene space and we are sure you will get plenty of design ideas for your own project from them.

This pretty layered, laid back and lovely living room has just the right splashes of colours and geometric patterns to break the monotony. The white drapes contrast beautifully against the navy walls and pink cushions with olive green ottoman add a vibrancy to the room.

10 best contemporary design ideas for home renovation Singapore

Sleek streamlined and uncluttered are the focal points of Contemporary Interior Designing. This room is no-nonsense and minimalist and with just the right amount of colour to keep it from being boring. The touchable textures maximize the less-is-more style of designing.

beautiful interior design for Singapore home renovation

Deep and dark shades make this a personality driven design. A L-shaped sofa is fresh update to traditional sitting. Simple artwork and lighting elements become the focal point of the design.

Contemporary living room ideas for Singapore renovations

The contrasting play of light and dark adds an interesting dimension to this living space. The rich walnut drapes and rugs create a cosy and warm nook to spend a relaxed evening in.

10 best contemporary design ideas for home renovation Singapore

This is such a serene living room with its Chinese lantern style lights, sparse furnishings and less-is-more attitude.

10 contemporary living rooms for Singapore home renovations

The stunning entertainment wall in this contemporary living room calls for a seating area that complements it. The plush seating enhances the warmth and cosiness of the room.

Contemporary interior design for Singapore home renovation

The chandelier, charcoal grey walls, plush rug and book shelf all embrace the simple graphic elements to give a modern twist to the living room.

10 best contemporary design ideas for home renovation Singapore

Picking your favourite colour is one way of decorating a room. Colour has so much power- it can transform a neutral space into a warm and cheerful area. Contemporary striped upholstery with pottery in cheerful colours literally wakes up the otherwise neutral room.

beautiful contemporary living room ideas for home renovation Singapore

The rust orange colour of the sofa, table and pillow stands out against the otherwise monochromatic backdrop and adds a cocoon of depth to the neutral whites. The large windows maximize the room’s connection to the outdoors.

simple living room renovation Contemporary style for home renovation Singapore

Give an organic feel to the living spaces using beige upholstered furniture to complement the sweeping views of the backyard. The green pillows not only add a spark of colour to the subdued space- they are also a perfect shade to bring a bit of nature inside your living space.

simple home renovation Singapore ideas

Images: Featured via Architectural Art Designs