No matter how inexpensive it may seem right now to buy a new home, it can still cost a pretty penny to do so. Same is true about hiring renovation contractor for sprucing up the interiors. The last thing most homeowners wish to do is spend their hard earned savings on interior decoration and new furniture. But- the good news is that it does not have to go down that way; there are many tips and DIY styling tricks you can implement to spruce up dull and boring interiors.

Tip No.1: Start small and select one room at a time

The first rule when trying to spruce up dull interiors is to not take on too much work at a time. You do not have to pick the entire home; rather select a single room and re-paint or redesign it. Take a look at your kitchen. Is it malfunctioning? If yes, why not start with this space? Other areas to consider are your bathrooms. Likewise a simple shuffle of furniture or a new coat of paint in a living room can infuse new lease of life in a drab area.

Tip No. 2: Add greenery

Greens can always make a huge positive impact in any room. Few potted plant or floral vases can be placed on tables and furniture items to infuse a transformative effect in a room.

spruce up  dull interiors

Tip No. 3: Accessorize

Another fantastic way of sprucing up the interiors of a dull or boring space is to add accessories in a group. Usually, odd number of accessories works best in creating high visual impact.

Tip No. 4: Tweak the smaller items to add impact to bigger pieces

If you do not have the budget to change and buy a new sofa, you can add two small side tables or even decorative lamps to actually change the look and feel of your couch.

Tip No. 5: Shop smart

Today, there are many stores in Singapore that carry discounted furniture and bric-a-brac. Many times, they also offer seasonal discounted items.

Tip No. 6: Touch up old items

If you have old furniture, accessories, lamps etc, then simply paint these using darker colours like browns, blacks etc. You need not even sand the items first. This will give it a highly modern look. Alternatively, use a can of white spray paint to paint everything white for a Scandinavian or nautical looks.

Tip No. 7: Avoid bulk buying, mix and match instead

A great tip is to avoid a set of similar looking chairs and other furniture items. The key is to go in for an eclectic look by buying single ‘cool looking’ pieces- chairs, side tables or coffee tables- and mixing and matching them with other trendy pieces over time.

Tip No. 8: Do not skimp on the floor covering

Typically, majority of the boring interiors have dull looking floors. So if you are planning a major home renovation, get your renovation contractor to add new tiles or flooring elements. This can create a huge visual impact in that; it can really make the given space look very elegant and expensive. If however the flooring is okay, consider adding some carpets or throw rugs. Just don’t go in for very small rugs, as they will make a room look smaller than it actually is.

Tip No.9: Be on the lookout for design ideas

Be it magazines, open houses, homes of friends you love or even home decor TV shows and websites; there are plenty of ideas you can use to create the right room for you and your family.

Tip No.10: Consider hiring a professional

At the beginning of the article, we recommended that you go in for DIY home decoration to jazz up your boring spaces. However, professional home renovation contractors are trained, talented and experienced and can help you save time, money and avoid arguments. They can also help suggest practical and refined ideas to help you get a room you want. Decorating a home right is a stressful event which these professionals, through careful planning, can help you avoid.

We hope these 10 tips help you spruce up your dull interiors to give you a home you have always desired.

Image: ViewHomeTrends