You have been house hunting and have finally found a place that ticks all the boxes that you had in mind– close to work, shopping, restaurants, places to unwind and have fun. It also comes with some nice amenities. But it is much smaller than what you had envisioned and you don’t want to give it up, so what do you do? Well, fret not; here are 10 ways you can make small spaces look bigger:

Measurements are key: When you are trying to move into a smaller space, you need to measure everything – not just the space within your home but also the furniture you are going to buy, the appliances you will try and fit in and the curtains and blinds you will buy for your home. So make sure you measure the length, breadth, width of your home, windows included. You don’t want to buy furniture that is too big for your space and ends up dwarfing it.

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Visualize: Look around your home and visualize what will fit in where. Try and find a place for everything and also work on how and when you will be using things around the house. If you want, try and get a renovation contractor to draw up some 3D drawings or plans for you so you have a better idea of how the home will look with the furniture you have in mind.

Think multi functional: When you have a smaller space to work with, look for furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example consider sofa beds. Sure they will look like sofas during the day but in the night, they could double up as beds either for you or your guests. One tip though – make sure it doesn’t look like a bed the entire time! If you like coffee tables look for one with storage underneath. You can do the same with beds too.

make small spaces look large

Divide well: Sometimes you may not have enough rooms within the home to have clear demarcations between separate areas, say within a studio apartment. Give some thought to how you will divide up your space so that you can define areas clearly within your home. Use a bookshelf to create a space within a living and dining area. Use a screen to shield the bedroom or a bed.

Hide what is unsightly: Having too many things out in the open can crowd smaller spaces. So make sure you display only what is needed and hide other things out of plain sight. If you have a home theatre system, make sure the multiple cables and wires are hidden. If you have plenty of shoes, find a shelf within a closet to hide them instead of stacking them in the open.

make small space look bigger

Paints and colours: By now most of us know that lighter colours can make spaces look bigger. That doesn’t mean you should not use darker or vibrant colours at all. Think of paints and a colour palette that will work well with your furniture and tie everything together. You could also work with a professional like a renovation contractor to get some ideas as to what colour schemes you could use.

Go vertical with storage: There is probably only so much you can do in terms of storage around the house, so if there no more space to go horizontal, think and go vertical. You can get longer cabinets than the existing ones or use the area above the cabinets to store things you do not use on a regular basis.

Declutter regularly: Like we mentioned before, it’s easy to crowd a smaller space so make sure you clear your clutter regularly. There is a saying – keep a place for everything and keep everything in place. This is of even more significance in smaller homes so ensure you put things back after using them. Also work on doing an inventory regularly so that you do not accumulate too much.

Bathrooms: If your bathroom is not too big, get shelves or cabinets put on the walls and do not store too many things especially if they are open shelves. Look for lighter tiles or colours to make the bathroom look well lit and bigger.

Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Use lights smartly: Have multiple light fixtures around the home with different kind of lights so that you can use them at separate times. These will also help with creating various zones within your home say for the living room, in the bedroom or the dining area.

Try and use these guidelines and we are sure you will live definitely live large even in a small space.