Singapore is a country having multiple ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. There is a harmonious mix of Malays, Indians, Eurasians, Chinese and other Asian cultures. Naturally, many Singaporeans love to incorporate a healthy mix of ethnic interior design ideas and styles inspired by the different cultures in their home renovations.

It is not surprising to see, for example, families having migrated from India adopting Indian designs in their home renovation in Singapore. Likewise, Chinese families might wish to include Feng Shui and other Chinese cultural concepts when designing. Still other might wish to mix and match or bring in a little of everything in their renovation. So, in this guide, we will touch base on different design styles and elements inspired by various ethnicities seen in this great country.

Indian Interior Design Ideas

Indian home designs are ideally characterized by colourful environments that make use of traditional motifs inspired by the Rangoli designs of Diwali celebrations. If you are going in for an extensive home renovation using Indian elements, you could consider furniture made from teak, ebony or rosewood with exotic and intricately carved styles inspired by the palaces and forts of Rajasthan.

Embroidered pillows, framed Indian textiles and handcrafted or beaded throws and rugs are some other ideas you can incorporate in the design.  In general, Indian interior design elements would suit most home renovation in Singapore since they are very practical and easy to implement.

Indian inspired home interior design renovation Singapore

Chinese Interior Design Ideas

Large furniture pieces with lacquered wood and hand carved elements, sharp and bold colours like red, green and blue as well as ornate and intricate tapestries and accessories are the main characteristics of Chinese style of interior designing. Many home renovations using this theme also include major wall removals/additions to maximize the flow of positive energy (Chi) in the kitchen and bathroom. The five basic elements of Feng Shui mainly recommend clean and clutter free designs and the use of elements like flowing water that help create harmony and balance in the space.

Chinese theme inspired interior design and renovation in Singapore

Malay Interior Design Ideas

Renovating your home Malay style means making use of minimalistic teak or bamboo furniture, earthy colours like greens and browns, and simplistic and clean designs that include accessories made out of bamboo or ceramic. Malay home design style is particularly suited to small spaces or individual and semi-detached homes with terraces. Malaysian interior design styles can also be a mix of modern and traditional making it very versatile and easy-to-implement.

traditional Malaysian home interior design for renovation in Singapore ideas

Tips to make ethnic elements work in your renovation

  • Balance– Balance is the key when designing using ethnic or cultural themes. Make sure that the pieces relate to the room and to each other. Also, if you plan on mixing different cultural elements, then do take a feel of the overall ambience and evenly distribute them.
  • Decide if you want to use the theme in all rooms or just one room. Just do not crowd one room with ornate pieces sourced from a country-unless you want to make it look like a furniture store.
  • Find a common thread. Usually, this is the colour you use for the room. For example, if you are using Chinese inspired red in your home renovation, you may wish to pick up furniture and accessories having reddish undertones. You can also play up that colour in the artwork and accessories provided you use the colour as an equalizer. Just do not overdo things as that can be overwhelming.

A little bit of creativity and the help of a good interior renovation expert in Singapore can easily help you incorporate cultural and ethnic elements in your home design. Visit other resources on this blog to find out several practical home renovation ideas and tips you can use.