A successful renovation project relies on good planning.

The key is to think ahead: this way, the time and money you invest in this refurbishment project continues to pay dividends for years to come.

All interior designing ideas must be future- proof so that the renovation lasts you and your family for years to come but also remains appealing to potential home buyers should you plan to sell the property a few years down the line.

If you are in the midst of renovation or are planning to contact Renovation Singapore contractors soon, read on for important tips on how to plan ahead for this project.

1. Become a list maker

The first list to make in any renovation project is the find out the changes you need: it could be a kitchen renovation or a bathroom face-lift or even adding an extra room. Split the list into two parts:

  • Must Haves
  • Wish List

Some ways of enlisting your ideas for a well planned renovation include scribbling down ideas, making a scrapbook with magazine clippings, enlisting colours you love, collecting material samples etc.

These days, you can even use technological tools; excel sheets or mobile applications to make a list of your renovation plans. Once an initial list has been drawn up, sit down with your family to ensure everyone is in agreement with the list.

For example, one of the members might want the kitchen to be renovated as a priority; still other might want an extra bedroom added. This in itself can be an exercise, but it will at least help you set things in motion and get you thinking about Singapore renovation loans and costs.

2. Manage budgets and costs with realistic expectations

No matter how carefully you plan and estimate a budget for refurbishment, there is always bound to be a degree of uncertainty.

For example, a rotten water pipe might show itself up while taking down a wall in the bathroom. So, it is a good idea to add 10-20% sum to your initial budget to be as realistic as possible.

Maintain the 60-20-20 ratio: 60% of the total cost should be allocated to actual renovation including materials, contractor costs etc, 20% goes towards designers, architects and engineer as well as consent costs.

The remaining 20% is for contingencies- (such as the corroded wiring, or you simply MUST have those gorgeous taps for the kitchens and bathrooms). If you are on a small budget, talk to your Singapore interior design experts regarding spot decorations or even enhanced lighting, both of which can give the space a whole new look.

Kitchen renovations are important here: with our busy lives, kitchens form the major part of our homes. Naturally they should be functional, well designed and should form the major part of your budget for the renovation.

Minimize disturbances during renovation works

Once your renovation contractor starts working on your home renovation project, there is certainly going to be some upheaval.

Decorating or refitting a bathroom or an extra toilet normally does not disturb the routine as it can be done on a room-to-room basis. Other projects like sanding, drilling, taking down a wall or ceiling etc tend to be more disturbing and naturally need careful planning.

If you have the luxury of living elsewhere while the task is going on, then it is the best way to renovate. The ideal scenario is to renovate while you have just bought the house and still have some time to move in.

Kitchen renovations can be disturbing in that; you might have to eat outside while that is being done up. You might also want to consider moving appliances to another room so you can continue to cook etc.

An alternative is to cover up the larger appliances if they are too large to move. You can even work around the contractor’s timing of doing the job.

See the big picture

Always understand that the entire point of renovation is to make the house work for you. Do not go in for trends or fashions-they always change.  Decide upon the most important aspects that you want and can’t live without.

If you design for the market, your family will end up making compromises.  The point of every renovation is to make the house more enjoyable and comfortable. Hence major part of the budget should be spent on design.

To get a good design, you need qualified interior designers. Renovations are expensive, so it is important to make wise decisions right at the outset.