Feng Shui is an important architectural design tool that can complement any home renovation Singapore project. Interior designers in the country often use these principles to help create healthy and lucrative environments in their client’s homes or offices. Here is how you can use simple Feng Shui tips to create a healthy and satisfying environment in your home.

Encourage flow of Chi through attractive home entrance

In case of a major home renovation where you are considering new walls or bringing down old structures, you could consider recreating the entrance to allow the flow of positive energy throughout the home. Ensure that you install an attractive and a sturdy door which opens smoothly. The size of the door should also be proportionate to the size of the home and there should be no walls or obstacles within 3 feet distance of the door. Try to keep the entrance as un-cluttered and clean as possible, and if possible, keep a bouquet of fresh flowers here daily to encourage flow of good Chi.

video source: By Morris Feng Shui via YouTube

Create balance and harmony in the living room

An expert Feng Shui consultant can help you determine your favourable direction (through the Kua numbers). These numbers help determine the best colours for the entire home. For example, people having ‘West’ as their favourable and prosperous direction should avoid using Green colour paint as far as possible. Gold is a better choice for them instead. One must also plant plenty of green shrubs and indoor plants in the living area, irrespective of their Kua number. (Do avoid planting cacti-as these bring negativity in the home). You could also add paintings that are warm and inviting to create balance and harmony in the living room.

Sleeping areas must be safe havens

Your bedroom remodelling should be done with the inhabitant’s health, sleep and comfort in mind. The energy should naturally flow very smoothly in these rooms which should preferably be painted using soft pastel colours that soothe and add peace and harmony to the environment. In Singapore, the apartments are typically small, so the placement of fans near the windows is encouraged for enhanced ventilation. Make sure that the fans you select are quiet and noiseless. You could even use ceiling fans but try not to place them directly over the bed. If you have a wardrobe with a mirror, make sure that it does not face the bed. Mirrors should not be behind the bed or to its side as well. If fact; avoid using mirrors in bedrooms completely as this is very essential for good sleep at night. Never sleep with your feet facing the door and avoid the use of white coloured sheets as far as possible.

Dining area Feng Shui tips

Make sure that the dining area is well lit, and preferably having round shaped dining table. These are better that the square and rectangular tables having sharper edges which are not conducive to healthy relationships. You may place sparkling chandeliers over the dining area as they encourage sparkling Chi energy.

Kitchen renovation in Singapore with Feng Shui tips

Kitchen renovation design must be done using proper placement of the stove. This is very important for bringing luck and prosperity into the home. The kitchen’s burners should always work properly so do consider investing in a new stove if the old one is not functioning properly. Always keep the burners and stove as clean as possible and avoid using red colour in the kitchen.

Feng Shui is a profound and somewhat mystical Art and Science of living and functioning in a healthy environment. We hope this brief article on simple Feng Shui tips will aid your home renovation Singapore project and bring health, wealth and love in your life.


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