The flooring you pick for your home will have a fairly big part to play in how your home looks because let’s face it; it is going to cover a major portion of your home. If you feel spoilt for choice or overwhelmed by the several different options available to you in the market today, take some time and think about which type of flooring will work well for your home and for every room in it. After all, this is one part of your home that you will live with for a long period of time and not something that can be changed too easily. As far as flooring is concerned, tackle it one room or one part of the house at a time because different parts of your home will have a different set of requirements. You will also need to give some thought to what kind of flooring will withstand Singapore’s humid weather long term. You will also have to consider the renovation package you get. So read on for some options:Hardwood or wood flooring – This is one flooring option that has been around for ages and even though some may call it traditional or old fashioned, good quality wood flooring can do wonders for the way your home looks. It is certainly adds warmth to a house and will last for several years provided it is taken good care of. Due to Singapore’s high humidity especially you will need to ensure you maintain proper levels of humidity within your house and take care that you do not use too much water on the floors. Wood flooring is expensive so if you do choose to go with, make sure you take the right steps to prevent it from damage so that it continues to add beauty to your home for a long time.

hardwood flooring Singapore renovation

Will work well for – Bedrooms and living rooms.

Laminate flooring – Sure, real wooden flooring is pricey and everyone may not have a budget for it. Another choice available in Singapore markets and a popular one at that is laminate flooring which can very nicely mimic wood, stone and other natural options. It comes in a variety of design and colours and is much more cost effective. If you look at the better quality laminate floors, they are both scratch and slip resistant. One drawback is that unless you pick a good quality laminate floor, it may not be water friendly and cause damage. So it is best to pick one that is water resistant too.

Will work well for – Bedrooms, dining areas, living rooms and entry ways.

Resilient flooring – Since laminate flooring may not always work well in wet areas, a new addition to the list of flooring options is resilient flooring. This is water resistant and will work well in places where there are more footfalls. Again, as with most products, invest in a genuine high quality product so that it meets your requirements.

Will work well for – Kitchens, near bathrooms and wash areas.

Stone flooring – This is yet another natural option that some people consider for their homes. You can choose from marble, granite, limestone and terracotta. Marble floors when polished and maintained well, add a rich feel to rooms but can get damaged and stained. Terracotta and granite will make rooms rugged and natural and can be dressed up beautifully with rugs. But these stone floors are not very slip resistant especially when wet.

Will work well for – Living rooms, dining rooms and near decks.

stone flooring Singapore renovation

Ceramic tiles – This is a very versatile option for flooring. Besides the huge range of colours and designs available, these work very well for wet and dry parts of the home and in places where there is high traffic. You may only need to consider different kinds of tiles for different part of the house like the kitchen, entry way and the other rooms. But these will lend themselves beautifully to what ever your purpose may be.

Will work well for – Almost all rooms in the house

Do use our guidelines and pick a flooring option that will give you value for money over an extended period of time and also add a timeless appeal to your home.