All of us want a place that we can retreat to at the end of a long and tiring day, a place to relax and unwind. And for most of us, that place is home. We have heard the quote “Rome was not built in a day”, so turning your home into a haven may not be a day’s work and may take some time. But with these simple tips you can get started today and soon be on your way to creating that own little special place you can call your own.

Keep it clean: Our mothers told us to keep our rooms clean and they were not entirely wrong. Experts say clearing clutter is a sure fire way to get rid of negative energy. Cultivate simple habits like making your bed before leaving home, doing your dishes and putting your laundry away. These tasks may only take a few minutes but at the end of the day not doing them will only add to your irritability and you will end up spending more time trying to finish them after a long day out. Schedule cleaning your home at regular intervals so that things stay clean and you don’t put in too much time, money and energy into getting things back into order. Returning to a neat and organized home is something you will then look forward to.

turn your home into a haven

Keep things you love: Surrounding ourselves with the things we love is another way to create a home you will want to come back to. At the same time get rid of unwanted things or things you have not used in a long time. It could be clothes or shoes you no longer wear, books you will not read again or things in the kitchen you have no use for. Instead keep things that mean something to you, it could be the first piece of art you picked, an antique handed over by a beloved grandparent or something you picked from a holiday you went on.

Colour me happy: Colours can deeply impact our moods and emotions so pick a soothing colour palette for your home. Off-whites, beiges, blues and greens have a calming effect. This is not to say you should not have some bright colours around, but use them to enhance your home and energy.

beautiful colours interior design Singapore

Use appropriate lights: Nothing works like natural sunlight streaming in through your windows. But if that is not the case, try and make the best of what ever natural light is available to you by using light or sheer curtains and blinds. During the evenings and at night keep it mellow and muted. Let there not be a single bright glaring light source, use multiple toned down light sources. If you like candles, pick some aromatic ones too.

turn your home into a haven

Show your bathroom and kitchen some love too: Yes, there are not rooms we spend all our time in but do not neglect these areas either. If you love to cook, make sure your kitchen is clean and inviting. You could use some bright coloured tiles or accessories. If you have a green thumb and want to grow herbs, bring in a few small pots that you could grow on a ledge or window sill in the kitchen. While most bathrooms are small, let them not be low on style. Again, do not keep too many things around in the bathroom but only what you regularly need and use. Put up some picture frames, keep some fresh and fluffy towels for you and guests to use and may be make space for a small plant. If needed, hire a renovation contractor to enlarge the bathroom as far as possible.

We hope these tips help you to transform your home into a haven and a place where you can create many happy memories.