Property experts believe the interior and exterior conditions of your home decides how quickly it could be sold to a potential buyer. So, if you are opting for a renovation in Singapore with the intention of selling your home, you have taken the first step in the right direction.

Today, we are giving you some more important interior design tips to help you plan for that renovation project without spending too much time or money, and perk up the valuation of your home.

Spruce up the entrance

Whether you are looking to sell a HDB flat or a landed home, the entrance is usually the first thing that a buyer notes when arriving upon a decision. So, make sure that you replace old and worn out welcome mats, give the door a fresh coat of paint and make your potential buyers feel welcome.  Also, make sure that the light fixtures outside and inside of your home are working, in case your buyers make a visit in the evening.

Define the function of the room

Do ensure that your rooms appear what they are supposedly built for and not look like some storage or a utility area, where your files and boxes are piled up. Spaces should be clearly defined, kept tidy and maintained in a manner that allows your potential buyers to visualize their own belongings in all the rooms.

Singapore home renovation after photos


Make the rooms look attractive and comfortable

Although every room in the house should appear inviting and comfortable, you don’t have to spend tons of money or time on this: your interior designer handling the renovation can include some focal points such as paintings or wall accents to direct the buyers’ attention towards them.

A good renovation contractor can help remove old furniture and clutter from the rooms and make them appear more spacious. Interior design tips such as grouping together 3 or more odd numbered accessories (which are scientifically proven to be more appealing to the human eye) can also be utilised to make the room more attractive.

Create a spotless kitchen

Remove extra clutter from the kitchen and make it a point you clean the walls, backsplashes and countertops. The oven and stove should be sparkling and spotless. You can add a vase with some fresh or artificial flowers to accentuate the spaciousness of your kitchen counter-top or island. Sand and paint the kitchen cabinets to match the shelving and give a modern look to an old kitchen.

Kitchen renovation before and after photos in Singapore

image: TrinaClarke designs

Declutter deodorize and depersonalize

It is very important to depersonalize the home by removing family photos, old wallpapers, etc. To sell a home quickly, a fresh coat of paint in all the rooms is necessary. Choose neutral, warm and inviting colours that impart a homely feel to the environment. Avoid painting over existing wallpaper as this will only create smudges and cause the walls to peel and flake. This would only alert the buyer to the amount of extra work needed in the event they do buy the house.

Secondly, do deodorize your home to the best of your ability. If you have pets, invest in a good cleaning service to remove pet urine odours. Where applicable, remove rugs and carpets that have stains. If you have any old and peeling linoleum, it is best to strip it off. Where required, replace worn-out tiles with vinyl flooring which is affordable and mimics the more expensive floor materials.

Revamp the Bathroom

bathroom renovation in Singapore before and after

image: Bowerbirdrenovations

Bathrooms with mouldy walls and peeling paint are a strict no-no when selling your home. Add a new lease of life to them with bathroom renovation ideas such as a fresh paint coat, matching window treatments and shower curtains. New lighting, fixtures and accessories can also enhance its appeal.

These and other home renovation tips can come in handy when you embark on selling your home in Singapore.