Kitchen Renovation Ideas For Singapore Homes (2015)

Singapore renovation trends for a trendy and cool kitchen renovation this year, includes practical yet functional elements that are also likely to enhance ambiance and aesthetic beauty of your home.

Most Singaporeans consider their kitchen to be the heart of their abode; a place where friends and family members get together to enjoy each others’ company. Today, we will be presenting 6 trendy and cool kitchen renovation ideas to inspire and ignite the imagination of Singapore homeowners.

Trend No. 1: Conceal your appliances

Hiding the appliances is a trend that can make any kitchen look neat and tidy and also create more space in an artistic manner. Thanks to the dual elements added by this trend, it has become extremely popular among Singaporeans.

If you are currently facing the issue of a cluttered kitchen; go in for hiding the appliances. Some examples of doing this include: concealing the microwave inside a closet, choosing  an oven that functions as a steamer, or opting for a built-in coffee centre that does not look like a regular coffee dispenser, yet gives you coffee at the touch of a button.

Trend No. 2: Trendy colours in kitchen cabinets and appliances

A survey published recently on a Singapore renovation blog showed that many homeowners are partial to stainless steel kitchen appliances. Not only is the shiny steel colour easy to maintain and clean; it also offers an inherent elegance.

Another popular colour in kitchen appliances is black, which is suitable for most including modern, contemporary interior design styles, as well as the classic and elegant style. When it comes to choosing the colours of the cabinets and the countertops; White is no longer the top choice.

Today, more and more homeowners are selecting Grey cabinets and counters when renovating their kitchens. On the other hand, the sinks are getting brighter and being used to add a pop of colour to an otherwise monochromatic or subtle kitchen background.

So, do not be surprised to see sinks in eye-catching olive green or blue with a matching backsplashes.

Trend No. 3 : Fixtures are getting dramatic

The third cool kitchen renovation idea to consider when upgrading the kitchen is adding bold fixture designs.

Some designers recommend adding non symmetric light fixtures; still others advocate the use of oversized light fixtures with dramatic black shades to add great sense of perception and depth to smaller kitchens.

Striped gilded lamps placed on the counters can also be used to add an elegant and classic touch to any given space.

Trend No.4: Maximized kitchen storage with clever twists

Maximized kitchen storage is a renovation trend that will perhaps never ever go out of fashion (especially when it comes to upgrading kitchens in apartments or town homes with small spaces). Clever multi-tiered kitchen drawers are in vogue this year and we have also seen some clever wall mounted dish racks that are functional without being ugly.

Additionally, many homeowners are open to displaying their collection of pots and pans instead of stowing them away. For this purpose, they are creating an artistic tableau with simple nails and hooks on walls.

Another very clever idea is to incorporate a backsplash with blocks to hold knives and spoons. A pull-out cutting board and drawers fitted with upright-storage are some other ideas for maximizing spaces in small kitchens.

Trend No 5: Clever yet functional kitchen lighting

Under-cabinet lighting, rope lighting, row of pendant lights as well as industrial grade lighting are some of the trends being seen in 2015 kitchen designs. A popular trick to make a kitchen look extremely elegant through lighting is to add sparkling crystal lights.

To upgrade a more traditional design, homeowners are also going in for French style chandeliers. Some of the popular pendant light designs include Asian inspired hanging lights, artistic filigree lights, or elegant brushed steel lights that match the stainless steel appliances.

Trend No. 6: Green and eco friendly kitchen renovation

From formaldehyde-free and sustainable cabinet materials, to easy-to-clean floors and countertops, to recycled sinks and eco-friendly backsplashes and tiles; more and more Singaporeans are making greener eco-friendly choices for kitchen renovations.

We feel these greener and sustainable renovation ideas for the kitchen and bathrooms will continue in 2015 as well.