Having a small space does not have to translate into a home that is not inviting or is cramped. Follow our tips to enlarge your small spaces and make the most of what you have. You can do this with the following:

Top tips to enlarge small spaces

Paints – Light colours definitely make a space look bigger. If you feel white is too stark or reminds you of a hospital look at beige, cream or off-white as options. You could then probably opt for a white ceiling. If you still want to go ahead with white, use pops of colour to brighten up the room. Use colourful throws, rugs, pillows, art or upholstery. Don’t be afraid to have a feature wall or an accent wall. It could be a smaller wall in your living room but it will go a long way to provide some much needed focus and a fun element in an otherwise smaller area. If you are unsure about this, do talk to a professional interior design consultant or a renovation contractor to see how you could make it work.

Mirrors– Using a mirror especially opposite a light source can help make a room look bigger than what it is. You need not really go for wall-to-wall mirrors, place them strategically so you get maximum benefit. Try placing the mirror in different positions before you lock down on one that truly enlarges your space.

using mirrors-how to make small spaces look bigger

Lights – Try and use as much natural light as you can. You can probably use sheer curtains if that works for you or blinds that will allow light during the day. Use more than one light source in a room so that you create different zones within a single room -pick a combination of wall scones, table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights. Another tip that works if you love art is to place a light source over the art work to highlight it.

how to make small spaces look bigger using lights

Furniture – Pick pieces that not only fit correctly but are also multi-functional so you can utilise fewer pieces for more functionality. For example pick an ottoman that serves as seating and storage too. Get a renovation contractor to build you pieces that will fit well instead of buying big and bulky ones. Keep the furniture off the floor by using pieces that are slightly above the floor and which have sleeker legs. These do not crowd spaces and give a feeling of more room.

Being clutter free – The more crowded your home is, the smaller it will appear. That is why use your storage well and make sure your steer clear of clutter. A clean home will not only look pleasing but also looks organized and will help movement around the house.

Use contrast – Sure, you have a smaller space to work with but let that not stop you from thinking big about a few things. Use a big bed or one with a dark coloured headboard or a large painting or like we said before even a feature wall. Keeping everything light and small can get boring too so feel free to mix up a few things to keep your home interesting.

how to make small spaces look bigger

Leave some empty space – Last but not the least, do not try and fit every area of your home with something. If you have open shelves, do not fill them up completely; leave some empty gaps or spaces. Let there be some breathing room so that your home looks visually less cluttered.

We hope these little tips help you make your space look bigger without compromising on functionality and aesthetics!