Not happy with your current bathroom? Need more space? Then you are in the right place! In this home renovation Singapore guide, we will provide you some bathroom renovation tips – on how to create a bathroom you will be proud of.

Bathroom Renovation Guidelines

Initial Steps

Start with an assessment of your needs. Are you looking to increase space or maximizing existing space? Ife  it is an extensive project, you must naturally think about hiring professional home renovation contractors in Singapore.  Next, you must research and determine what’s out there: many home style magazines and blogs give several ideas and you can print or cut out photos of bathrooms you like. Do not forget to set up a budget in the initial planning phase: include the total material cost, labour charges and unforeseen expenses in the budget. Also decide upon a timeline for the renovation. Ideally, a simple bathroom renovation should not take more than 2-5 weeks.

Choosing and hiring a Bathroom Renovation Contractor

Find out the best home renovation contractors in your area either through word of mouth referrals or online testimonials. Interview the shortlisted candidates while factoring in their experience, costs and also whether you are able to work harmoniously with them. Ensure that they give you a contract that enlists details about the work, payment/work schedule, termination costs and other charges etc.

What are the trendiest bathroom renovation styles in Singapore?

Primarily, there are 4 different styles of bathroom renovation: traditional, modern, eclectic and vintage (or country style). The most popular among these is Eclectic style also known as the Transitional style. This is a creative mix of traditional and contemporary styles of bathroom designing.


Irrespective of the style you choose, a good bathroom should be uncluttered and therefore, ample storage is a must. You can choose from custom cabinetry or ready-to-install cabinets. If you are happy with your existing cabinets, you could simply add a touch of fresh paint to them to add a whole new look. You could also choose from semi custom cabinets which are durable and also give you value for money.

In semi-custom cabinets, the style is fixed but your renovation contractor/supplier can design a one-of-a-kind storage for your specific needs. You could also go in for a simple vanity unit containing a mirror, a small sink, and a modest counter-top with small shelving units. For very small bathrooms, you could include a medicine cabinet which is like having a small pantry right above the sink. This is extremely durable and a great space-saver.

Materials guide

Durable counter-tops in bathroom renovation Singapore come in a variety of materials: granite, concrete, stone or laminate. Stone and concrete counter-tops are extremely trendy but also rather expensive. For low cost yet durable option, you could choose laminate or solid surface counter-top materials.


Bathroom flooring have to be water resistant; knowing the right floor tiles to use in your bathroom is important, so you can wisely choose the various types of tiles, hardwood or laminate. Ceramic tiles are used commonly in most bathrooms because it is inexpensive and its anti-slip component. Hardwood is an expensive variety, but it is also durable and looks elegant. Laminate, on the other hand, is cheaper and fairly easy to install.

Sinks, Faucets and Tubs

The sheer variety available in the bathroom fixtures can be paralyzing. There are infinite brands, designs and materials available in them in Singapore. Console table sinks and vessel sinks are extremely popular these days. Likewise, tubs and shower stalls with massaging jets or Jacuzzis are also trendy. For smaller bathrooms, you can go in for one-person, stand up fibreglass shower/tub shells which are a great value for money.

Walls and Accessories

You will also need to consider the walls of the bathroom; where required paint the existing ones using softer shades of white or off-white. These shades make smaller bathrooms reflect more light and create an illusion of space. You can also use larger mirrors to make smaller bathrooms look twice their size. Once everything else is done, invest in good quality accessories. Classy and bold coloured toothbrush holders, soap dishes and towels/rugs etc can take the boring and bland out and give a great new look to your bathroom.

We hope these styling tips help you maximize your bathroom renovation in Singapore.