So you want a character driven home? Then the Victorian style interior design might just be ideal for you. But brace yourself: you might need to go in for extensive structural changes including the roof, the wiring and the windows. Naturally, if you are having a major renovation Singapore ongoing, then you already have a good head start!

Do note that everything is not as simple as it might seem and you must prepare yourself to shell out quite a bit of time and money for the project. This is because; the Victorian Style of interior designing traces its roots way back to the period between 1837 to early 1900s, during the reign of Queen Victoria. In those days, imitation, reproduction and mass production of royal furnishings were actually pretty affordable as homeowners could easily upgrade their homes just like we do today, (thanks to IKEA!). This was mainly due to the Industrial revolution-a major event which allowed the middle class homeowners to prosper and afford home decorations and furnishings which were, earlier, only available to the royalty. So the main idea was to simply cram up the rooms with great deal of knickknacks, fabrics and furniture to show off status, wealth or new prosperity etc.  Thus, the principle behind the Victorian interior design simply put is: “bareness of a room is a sure-fire sign of poor taste”.

Main characteristics of the Victorian Style Interior design


Colours were actually limited during the Victorian era. There were two reasons behind this: paint was not readily available and homeowners had to settle in for whatever pigments were available in the market. Multiple pigments were simply mixed on location and used for painting. Secondly, many homes were actually located within the heart of the city centres, making them vulnerable to pollution. As a result, the colour choices varied a lot: in the earlier half of the Victorian era, people went in for the lighter shades, whereas in second half; people used earthier tones like mahogany, greens, browns etc.  Whatever the case, it was extremely important to achieve the right balance between the wall colours, the woodwork, the moulding and ceilings.

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Wallpaper was central to interior designing in the Victorian era and floral patterns against tan or beige background with main accent colours of green, blue and pink were extremely popular in the first and middle part of the Victorian era. Apart from floral designs, people also loved wallpapers depicting historical scenes, landscapes, frescoes etc. By 1870s, these designs started showing Japanese influence apart from geometric patterns.


The decor also underwent considerable changes in the design which could be broadly classified into the Georgian, Revival or Renaissance eras. The first was dignified while the other two were either more masculine or feminine depending on the interior designers. Stencilled ceilings, heavy velvet drapes with rich gold tassels, tapestries and fabrics to cover walls, dark walnut panelling were extremely popular. Chandeliers, wall sconces and candles provided the ‘atmospheric lighting’ which the Victorians were very fond of.

Here are some examples of modern Victorian interior design style homes.

modern Victorian style interior design bathroom

modern Victorian Interior design Living room

modern Victorian style Interior design kitchen

modern Victorian style Interior design

modern Victorian style  Interior design

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