Every homeowner has the essentials in their abode: a sofa, a table, a lamp, but it’s the stylish extras that really bring a house to life! Be it contemporary, industrial, eclectic, modern, minimalist or rustic, within each decorating style, the individual personalities of a home’s inhabitants can add personal accents.

Most of us may not have the experience or be able to define our decorating style and therefore find decorating a very ‘tough nut’ to crack. The truth is, most people already have a vague idea of what they like, but simply lack the definition of interior design styles, current trends and a vocabulary to communicate and implement those likes. Before you start decorating your house in a manner that epitomizes your style, it is essential that you identify what your style really is.


Self-discovery is a key aspect that needs to be mastered when trying to come up with a decorating style that suits your personality. Head down to the nearest local bookstore such as Popular, Kinokuniya or Times, and spend some time raiding the racks for interior design magazines and books to find the look you like.

It could be a bit of this, some of that…there really is no hard and fast rule, but it would really help determine a consistent theme or specific design style of your preference. Alternatively, look up for relevant home renovation websites on the internet and you’ll be able to find plenty of décor ideas and impressions for ready reference. It’s also a great way to obtain measurements and specifications as well as browse options and finishes.

Youtube is definitely a good platform for ideas hunting. You’ll find dozens of home decorating reality TV shows or similar useful videos, and you are sure to find one that uses styles and projects that may appeal to you.

Defining your decoration style is simply a process of self-discovery in which you get to know about your likes and dislikes, find out the things you are passionate about and items that inspire you. This journey of self-discovery can be made a lot easier if you start by objectively scrutinizing all the décor items in your home.

Keep those objects that mean something to you while discard those that had been bought just to fill space. Replace the discarded decoration pieces with new ones that match your interests and hobbies. For instance, if you are a sports fan then adding sport memorabilia to your home décor would be a great way of showcasing your style.


When trying to decorate your house according to your own unique style, making use of items that inspire you is quite essential. Usually, the things you are passionate about would likely influence and define your personal decorating style. Having such items in your home décor can help you in embellishing your home the way you want.

For example, photos of cities that you have visited or plan on visiting could be among the items that would define your style in a positive manner. Likewise, if you love the sea or great outdoors, decorative seashells and rocks displayed in glass jars, or pine cones and evergreen in bountiful baskets can also prove to be excellent home décor items that would amicably represent your personality.

Have an artistic flair? Create an art gallery within your home with faux paintings or pop-art pieces on your walls that can make bring ambiance to your space. If you have some family heirlooms that were passed on to you, then these items could also be used to add decorative flavor with an individualistic and intimate look.

All in all, it can be said that defining your own decorating style is not that difficult. You just have to discover the things that inspire you the most and you would have no difficulty in identifying the decoration style that best suits your personality.