Thinking about redoing your child’s bedroom? Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and have a little fun. The children of today are a lot different from the kids of the past. Now is the age of computers and gadgets, and every child wants to have the latest technology in their room rather than having stuffed animals or comic books.

You may not feel like you can totally cut loose in many of your home’s rooms, but your child’s bedroom is a place that can be as comfortable and inviting as it is spunky, playful and creatively inspiring.

Decorating a modern child’s room is thus a whole new kettle of fish for the parents nowadays. They have to make sure that the right equipment is used for decorating their rooms or they will find it a lot hard to keep their children happy. Besides technology, the room of the modern child is likely to be furnished with stylish furniture and lighting that is modern in appearance.


A child’s bedroom is where their personality should shine. If we listen intently, their vivid imaginations can provide a valuable source of inspiration when creating kid-approved spaces. The room of a modern child should be filled with those items that appeal to them.

• Enhance the graphic appeal! Play around with a combination of bold colors and subtler accents to reflect the liveliness of their nature.

• Consider colourful or funky décor that could last for a slightly longer time. Save money in the long run by considering those items that your child is not going to grow out of pretty soon.

• Infuse some colours! Sneak it in with a bold coloured rug or a playfully colour-blocked rug made from carpet tiles.

• Make use of creative wall decals or cover a wall with an oversized photograph of the child’s heroes.

• Another approach is to decorate the room with your child’s drawings or arts and crafts, housed and displayed in simple frames, or have a line strung across a wall with clips, allowing the pieces to be proudly displayed.

• Hide clutter. Plan for easy pullout drawers or creative storage solutions to make organizing easy for your child.


Make room for playtime. Let your child enjoy being a child while there’s time. Even though most children like playing video games on their Playstation or computers, providing them enough space in their room to play with conventional toys is also very important.

• Designate space within the room for playing and sleeping.

• If your child is into music, you might consider setting up a special practice spot.

• Even though some items should be safely tucked away, allow your child to display the cream of the crop on flat or vertical shelving. It could be a favourite action figures, a lego sculpture, dolls or small pieces of models.

Besides wanting to have a room that successfully incorporate the fantasies of their childhood, children would also like to invite their friends over for play. In order for the children to hang out and socialize in their room comfortably, it would be great to have adequate space within your child’s room, thus providing them the chance to sprawl and chill.

Decorating the room of your child requires a lot of tact on the part of parents. So you see, decorating your child’s room can prove to be a bit tricky but if you follow the above-mentioned tips and suggestions then you would have no trouble whatsoever in coming up with a design that your kid will fall in love with. The success of a well-designed children’s bedroom displays itself when children love their room enough to want to independently spend time in it.