Singaporeans who wish to maintain their individuality, freedom and taste while redesigning their homes usually love the Eclectic Style of Interior design. This is due to the simple fact that such a style of designing allows them to combine objects, colours, shapes, textures and finishes from a variety of different periods. The rising popularity of the Eclectic style of Interior design can also be attributed to its versatility particularly for varied people with different tastes living under the same roof.

What is Eclecticism?

Eclecticism can be traced back to the 19th Century where the term ‘eclectic’ was first used by artist Johan Joachim Winckelmann who used it to describe artworks combining elements of Classicism, Baroque, and Renaissance eras. Thus, the philosophy behind this style simply explained is: it is the combining of elements and styles from different periods and origins without compromising on harmony. Thus, every colour, texture and object used in this style of designing has a connection with the other elements in the room.

Let us now consider some important rules to use when implementing the Eclectic Interior Design Concepts

Rules to implement when designing in the eclectic style of interior design

  1. It is important to use limited number of styles when designing using Eclecticism. Failure to do so will only create a cluttered or hotchpotch look. Home Renovation experts recommend using 2 or 3 styles at the most, as any more would lead to a ‘garage-sale’ like look.
  2. It is also important to use limited number of colours. A primary dark or neutral colour may be used for the larger surfaces including the walls or floors etc. 2 or 3 other colours can be used for the accessories, accents and artwork or lighting elements. It is not a good idea to use more than 4 colours.
  3. It is important to use thought, imagination and creativity to logically interconnect the furniture, colours, textures and fabrics for an eclectic touch. For example, Baroque centre table can be linked to a contemporary sofa through common colours or even similar upholstery. Likewise, you could use table cloth or table runners and cushions in the same colour.
  4. Finish is also important to this style of designing. It can be used, instead of colour, to link different objects and elements.
  5. The connection that one uses to link different elements and create harmony must not make the room look boring. To avoid this, it is important to use interesting art pieces to infuse life in the room.
  6. Layering is important in Eclectic Style of Interior design. For example, your designer might group large picture frames, or pots or other artistic objects in the back adding smaller ones in the front. Such displays help add depth and interest to the rooms.
  7. One must be bold enough to experiment in this style of interior decoration. Often, at first glance, marrying different objects might seem incompatible. But that is actually the whole idea behind Eclectic Style of Interior design.
  8. Abundance is the key to this style of interior decoration-you must make use of plenty of decorative objects which could include souvenirs you have brought back from your trips, mementoes, tribal or handicraft works etc to make the interiors look boho chic and cosy.

Finally, here are some images to inspire homeowners looking to design using the Eclectic Style of Interior design.

Eclectic Style of Interior design concepts

Eclectic Style of Interior design

Eclectic Style of Interior design

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