Selecting the right lights for your space is one of the most essential steps in a renovation project.

Not only will your lights create the mood you want for your home, they are absolutely essential for the practicality of the space. If you cannot see well in a room you will not be able to work or socialize in here, which can lead to you avoiding that space. Adding creative fixtures is a great way to add lighting while increasing the artistic element of a space.


When you are selecting lighting don’t be afraid of adding a few unique touches that will create a unique mood for your space.

Consider adding unique colors to a space that can play off the colors of the room. Purples or reds can add a romantic light while blues could make a space more tranquil. This effect can be accomplished by adding colored light bulbs or by placing colored shades over your fixtures.

Let your light fixtures act as a work of art. Many fixtures today add a sculptural effect or can be used to create a focal point in the room by directing the light to a specific area. Classic stained glass or decorative shades are also a great way to add an artistic look.

Don’t be afraid to go bold. An oversized light fixture in the middle of the room may save you from having to invest in dozens of smaller, less memorable lights around the space to get the look you want.

In rooms where you want to feel more tranquil, stick with light fixtures that feel light and airy. Bubble lights or glass fixtures can be perfect for this.

If you have an element of your room that you already love, consider how you could alter your lighting to make the most of this element. You do not want different accents in your room to compete, but work together to create the right mood.


It’s easy to get carried away when you are trying to get your lighting in different rooms in order.

In highly used rooms you will need task lighting over mirrors, counters and the like. Make sure you think about how you will use the space so these essentials aren’t missed.

Recessed lighting may seem like a space saver, but it can give your home an awkward grid look if you install it everywhere. Vary your fixtures to create a comfortable visual divide in your space.

Don’t forget dimmers. If you are using incandescent lighting it can get overwhelming to have all of these lights on full power all the time.

Don’t forget to add different levels of light as well. You will need lights on the ceiling, tables or even walls. Consider the placement of the furniture and walkways so you can make sure you are not creating awkward dark spaces throughout your home once lights are placed.

Also consider how your lights will compete with the natural light from your windows. If these two sources compete it can lead to an uncomfortable glare.