Any renovation Singapore project that utilizes green and sustainable techniques can help create a healthy home and a healthy environment. In this guide, we will consider the basics of Green techniques of remodelling and how it can provide you with many long term benefits.

Why go in for green home renovation?

Green home renovation not only makes your house look better, it also helps it function better by giving you many health and monetary advantages over the years. With green techniques of remodelling, homeowners save on utility bills and maintenance costs while also helping maintain a cleaner and greener planet.

Experienced home renovation contractors and designers put in careful planning to help you realize a smart home that combines beauty, comfort and conservation in it.

Benefits of green home renovation

Green renovation helps you save tons of money by reducing consumption of water and energy. The elements used in the design are durable, efficient and enduring – so they last longer and require lower costs of maintenance. If you are considering reselling the home at some point, green home renovation will make your property more marketable as it requires lesser modifications and changes.

If you are remodelling for your own requirements, a green design will allow more natural light and air into the home so it will be healthier for you and your loved ones. Furthermore, such homes are carefully designed to minimize injuries and reduced potential issues such as mould, allergens, dust etc.

Designers identify toxins and chemicals in the early stages of designing and fix and replace materials with organic and sustainable ones to create a healthy environment. Green technology used in home renovations can help prevent wastage of energy and water, while recycling and reusing building materials to reduce your impact on landfills.

How to implement Green designs in bathroom and kitchen renovation

green and eco-friendly home renovation Singapore

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Green renovations require careful upfront planning and designing to create a design having wide ranging benefits.

  1. Appliances and lighting– The appliances in the kitchen and the fixtures used in the entire home must include energy efficiency rating. Higher the ratings, better is the performance, in terms of lower maintenance costs, reduced bills and conserved resources. Both, appliances and fixtures, must be sized to match the job at hand.
  2. Sustainable Cabinetry– Green cabinet designs in your bathroom and kitchen would make use of materials that protect forests and do not pollute the indoor air.
  3. Recycling– Kitchens that reduce waste and offer methods of recycling, composting and properly disposing whatever is left are a big part of green renovation.
  4. Counter-tops and back-splashes– These make use materials that are durable and beautiful and at the same time are kind to our planet.
  5. Faucets– These should be durable and efficient, lasting for a long time while conserving water yet tackling the job at hand.
  6. Sinks– Sinks should last long without requiring replacement.
  7. Floors– Floors should withstand the test of time while looking beautiful. They should be durable yet have environmental smarts.
  8. Construction reuse– Renovation project of any sort always generates materials which could be waste or can be reused-depending on your contractor.

A green home renovation in Singapore thus involves rethinking the entire approach to the conventional renovation process, and investing time and energy to create a space that has health and safety at its forefront. The advanced planning in such a project will definitely help pay off dividends in the long run and also ensure long-term satisfaction.

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