Whether you are undertaking your home renovation Singapore or sprucing up a work space, choosing the right paint colours not only aid in a more pleasing working environment; they can also be an added support whilst implementing safety practices. Many scientific studies have helped establish the correlation between room colours and enhanced productivity, reduced accidents and increased employee morale at the workplace.

Additionally, as more and more Singaporeans are working out of their home-based offices in freelancing jobs; these colour schemes can also be used for a home renovation – to boost productivity if you intend to work from home.

First up: some tips when painting the workplace-

Tips for using the right colours to boost productivity at home and work

Use your favourites: The rest of your home, particularly your bedroom could make use of relaxing colours, but if you are renovating your home office, the focus should instead be improving your work productivity. Consider using some of your favourite colours in this room.

Colours are strong energizers and they also help to improve one’s mood. Therefore, try and place objects in your favourite colours within 3-ft of your work area- which could be in the form of a chair, table or a desk or even wall art pieces or other accents in your favourite colour.

Consider the colour temperature: Red and orange are warm colours while green and blue are cool colours. Studies have shown that certain colours can actually make you ‘change your perspective’ about your surrounding temperature.

Thus, if you prefer a warm feel for your workplace, you might want to paint the room in warmer colours and vice versa.  Do note that cooler colours are associated with relaxation and invitation whereas warmer shades are linked with affection and creativity.

Room colours and their meanings

Though colour is a very personal thing, you can use certain colours that are scientifically proven to boost productivity. Use the following guidelines to choose your home office colour during your renovation project:

  1. Red – Red is the colour of passion known to stimulate lust, appetite and love. It is best used as an accent or furniture colour in the workplace since too much of red can be overwhelming. Red is also known to get people to open up and talk; so its careful use can be an added advantage.
  2. Orange – Orange is a colour that symbolizes travel, creativity and stimulation. Use Orange to energize your workplace area in the form of a single wall colour or even as furniture, throw, rugs, pillows and artwork.
  3. Yellow – Yellow is symbolic of intelligence, creativity and warmth of the sun. It is an ideal colour for kids’ rooms and office spaces where brain stimulation and intelligence are necessary. Yellow as an office colour is ideal as long as it is used minimally (for example in the doorways, hallways, or as accents). Too much of yellow is jarring on the senses and could lead to anger and frustration.
  4. Green – A very positive colour for the office or home, green is ideal as it promotes new ideas and growth and also attracts wealth while keeping the occupants calm and relaxed. It is also a concentration boosting colour and you can introduce it in the form of green plants or in artwork, throws, rugs and furniture pieces.
  5. Blue – Blue is a highly popular office colour and it is also the ultimate choice in logo colour for major brands around the world. Blue as an office colour helps boost spirituality, intelligence and wisdom. Blue also evokes stability, sensibility and quality and depending upon one’s preferences one can choose it in lighter or darker hues.
  6. Purple – Purple is another popular colour which homeowners can consider when renovating the home or office. It symbolizes royalty, luxury and wealth and is ideal for use as accents or even a standalone. Avoid the use of bright or dark purple as it can be overwhelming. Use it in waiting area or lobbies to create a calming atmosphere for people as they wait.
  7. Black, Grey, White, Brown – These neutral shades usually work well for office atmospheres as long as they are used with other colours to complement and complete the look. Black and Brown especially are not good as a standalone colour tone. White and Grey are very neutral and ideal for walls. You can add pops of bright colours to enhance the area otherwise the environment will look sterile.

We hope these colour ideas and their meanings help you select the right colour to boost work productivity and efficiency.