You can completely change the look of a room without spending tons of money. A little creativity on your part is all that is needed to improve the look and layout of any room.

Here are some ideas that won’t cost you much and yet give your room a complete new look:

  1. De-clutter- De-cluttering to remove unwanted stuff is good idea to give any room is a new look. Simply throw out the unwanted and extra stuff that has been piling up since ages. Most of us tend to use the bedrooms as a dumping ground of sorts-simply because it remains hidden from the public eye. So put away items you do not need in boxes and label each box. Then store the boxes in overhead cabinets or closets. If you have some room under the bed, that is an ideal space to stow away the stuff too- however, make sure it does not hamper with your cleaning and vacuuming.
  2. Dress up the furniture– Rummage through your cabinets to find old or unused scarves, bed sheets and other decorative cloth pieces which can be used as covers for tables, dressers etc. You can even convert old dresses, sheets or clothes into pillow-covers or cushion covers as DIY projects. Fabrics made of lace, velvet, silk and other glitzy fabrics can soften the tops of your bedside tables or dressers and give the entire room a whole new look. Make sure that the chosen colours fit into the colour scheme of the room.
  3. Change the furniture positions– This is an inexpensive and simple way of giving a room a complete makeover wherein you do not have to break the bank. Pull the bed away from the centre towards the window or simply change the position of the sofa in the living so that it becomes the highlight of your lounging area. In either case, think about how the furniture placement will affect the room’s layout. Make sure you satisfy a purpose when doing so-either free up more space or highlight certain elements in the room.
  4. Do you have some old baskets? Hang them up in the corners of the bedroom. This can add a whole new look and also create additional storage space. You can also plant some indoor plants for much needed pops of green.
  5. DIY stencilling on walls– Wall art is another low cost decoration idea that can completely change the look of any room be it a child’s room, the master bedroom or even the living room. You need not be artistically inclined- just purchase or create stencils which adhere to the theme of the room.
  6. Add a stain resistant carpet or rug– Many times, the flooring might make your rooms look dull and old. By adding a rug or carpet, you can take care of this. Alternatively, you could make a quilt using old cloth pieces and bed-sheets. This too can instantly transform your floor area making it look fresh and new.
  7. Curtains are expensive-but you could add blinds
  8. Purchase simple lampshades to add to the table lamps. The children can also paint plain lampshades using acrylic paint. These DIY projects do not cost too much.
  9. Kids rooms can be made cosy by adding some plush pillows, inflatable chairs etc. Create a ‘cosy corner’ for them by adding a bean bag and placing some books in shelves or boxes adjacent to them. Kids will love spending a quiet evening or two reading in this cosy space.

Kitchen makeover without overspending

Here are some ideas to makeover the kitchen without spending too much money

  1. Refinish or resurface existing cabinets. While getting brand new cabinets and countertops may not be affordable, you can simply add a fresh touch of paint or refinish or repaint the doors of existing cabinets to spruce up the kitchen. Also, adding new handles can do the trick.
  2. Buy new appliances-Simple small appliances can also give a whole new look to the kitchen. All you need to do is sell the old appliances and buy inexpensive yet attractive appliances to give an instant facelift to the kitchen.

Apart from these tips, you could consider approaching a renovation contractor or an interior designer to help you select cost effective renovation packages in order to give the entire home a total makeover.

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