Go ahead and take a long, deep breath; you’re home. Nothing could compare with that feeling of tranquillity, sense of peace and the soothing ambiance. In order to get this peaceful feeling, your home needs to have that cosy feel about it.

The coziness that envelops you makes you want to stay in your home. Now, how do you get to that level of cosiness, you may be asking? It’s all about how you design and layout your personal space. Those special touches, the small details, just the right accessories. Let’s go on a journey of achieving that in your home.

Light It Up

Having the right lighting is one of the cornerstones of making your place more inviting and comfortable. Just think about how lights can affect your mood. Harsh, over-the-top, bright lighting can be a nuisance.

It can also be overwhelming and detracts away from the calming ambiance of your room. Lighting should be clever and subtle. Soft track lighting can add just the splash of colour and light that your home needs to be welcoming. In addition, fluorescent lights strategically placed can put the light where you need it to give your room more depth and tone. The right lighting can make a particular room appear to be bigger.

Play with different styles of light covers. Try round, square and geometrical. Let them give your room a bit of flair and style. Experimenting with different shapes is the perfect way to boost the beauty of your room with little effort and affordably. In addition, utilize a variety of lamps. Floor lamps, desk lamps, table lamps; the limits are boundless.

Carefully placed candles are another way of adding soft light. The delicate glow illuminates the true beauty of your home. You’ll love how the beautiful reflections bounce of the wall. Candlelight isn’t always about romance but can be a beautiful finishing touch to your room. Try a variety of different sizes and shapes to give the room’s lighting some extra depth. If you choose scented candles, you’ll be amazed at how tantalized your senses will become.


Given the fact that lighting is so important, it is no wonder that the perfect colour palette ties everything together. The right colour varies from person to person, but there are some keys in choosing just the right hues to suit every person’s personality and room décor. If you find richer colours more soothing, try deep reds, chocolate browns and vibrant oranges.

A burgundy and chocolate brown can give your room that perfect bit of oomph while maintaining your senses. If you are a person who is into more bright colours, why not a fun yellow or perfect shade of green? Mix and match until your décor is just as sunny and bright as your personal style. Colour is the perfect way to bring the room together.


In the same sense that accessories make an outfit, accessories make a home. It all depends on your personal judgment and style. Some people love a sophisticated flair while others are more fun and others opt for trendiness.

For sophistication, go for dark, rich colours when it comes to full-length draperies. Check out large area rugs that complements your couch. Silk textures feel and look luxurious and could add to the upscale feeling of your home. Add club chairs to a beautiful sectional leather sofa. An ornate chandelier can set off your whole room. You probably will want to use accessories more sparingly and carefully.

Some fun accessories could be special knick-knacks all around, animals, mystical beings, and so forth. How about funky display cases strategically placed to showcase your style? Animal framed photograph frames are a great addition and give your home that fun edge. Maybe a pinwheel-style frame holder is more your style. Throw in some dragon bookends and you have the perfect finishing polishes to your fun, outgoing space. You probably will feel more comfortable with more accessories around to feel more at home, so check out a fun variety.

Trend-setters, try futuristic touches. Go for bold metallic, stainless steel and such. A sleek feel is the key to your happiness. Still want some tradition with your trend? Why not a fun pouf? They have been around for a while but they now add a modern twist. Instead of the traditional ottoman, consider having a fun, fluffy pouf. You will love how it gives your home a trendy, yet functional feel to it. Give your home the feel of tomorrow, today.


Now that you have the perfect lighting, colour palettes and accessories, everything must be placed just right to present the right level of cosiness. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or fun or trendy or sophisticated that all the pieces you have are if they aren’t placed just perfectly and strategically.

The way you place all of your home décor is also a true reflection of how cosy you room will feel. If comfortable spaces make you feel more at home, you would want to place everything closer together to give you a tighter, cosier sense of well-being. If you’re more into open spaces, spread out your furniture and knick-knacks. Your room will feel and appear bigger and more inviting. If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t fret. Close your eyes and just imagine the perfect room. Move it around until you get that wonderful sense of harmony that you deserve.

Now that you have all of the pieces of the puzzle, you can create the perfect, cosy space. There’s something for every person, every personality, no matter how picky you maybe. Lighting, colours, accessories and placement are the keys to creating your just-right space. Play around and discover what makes your home happy. Once you have chosen all the right parts, you will feel right at ease. That picture-perfect, cosy home of yours will never let you down.