In this blog, we have covered several guides on different styles and types of interior designs for homeowners to consider in their home renovation Singapore. When you work with a designer, s/he tends to make all decisions on your behalf in order to make your home look classy and stylish. The only problem: the chosen style does not reflect you; it has no part of your personality in it. So how does one solve this problem? How do you select your personal decorating style? The thing is: when you redesigning a home from scratch, you often do not know where to begin. So the first step naturally is to find out what you really want.

How to determine your personal style

We had recently covered different styles of interior designing here and that should give you a basic idea about popular interior designing styles available these days. Now you only need to take a good look at your existing home and work out the style best suited to its basic architecture.

A word of caution here: Do not get so carried away with trends in interior designing that you forget to consider the function, safety, comfort and convenience of the room in question. Many a homeowner in Singapore has later regretted the glitzy surfaces following a home renovation simply because they were unusable, hazardous and ultimately a big disaster.

Understand factors which affect your personal style of designing

There are many factors that influence your home interior design style:

  1. Your Education
  2. Your travel experiences
  3. The Cultural heritage and background of the occupants
  4. Your hopes, dreams and wishes

All these factors play an important role while choosing the look, mood and statement for each room. In other cases, you might also wish to fix, change or add things to any existing shortcomings the home has. For example, where there is no entryway, you might wish to create one or, if it is a very small room, you might want to use creative ways of making it appear bigger. Thus; your personal style would help create solutions to your design problems.

Consider your personality type

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert plays an important role in your personal designing style as well. Introverts typically prefer higher levels of internal stimulation and hence are known to prefer playing with subtle or subdued textures, colours and patterns. On the other hand, extroverts need a lot more external stimulation– so they like louder, more vibrant colours, patterns and textures.

How To Discover Your Personal Decorating Style in Singapore renovation

Take into account your hobbies and lifestyle

Your lifestyle and hobbies also dictate the style you will love for your home renovation. If you like the outdoors, you’d likely include many plants. Likewise, if you are an organized person, you would not want to have books, clothes or clutter lying anywhere and would need plenty of storage or cabinets etc.

Consider experiences and relationships

People travel a lot these days and naturally they like to bring back little mementoes and souvenirs from their trips. If you are a globetrotter, you’d certainly like to display the trinkets brought from around the world in all your rooms, or at least in the living room, by making a large display shelf. Your home decoration would naturally tell your story through these mementos and experiences and show your guests a piece of your personality. Apart from your experiences, you must also account for the different occupants of the house, the dynamics of your relationships and take their opinion when you consider the interior designing style for each room. A young couple, for example, might select romantic colour palettes whereas; people with kids would select vibrant coloured walls and furniture.

How To Discover Your Personal Decorating Style

As can be seen, the style and colours you select in your home’s interior design can truly be an extension of your personality and tell a story about your life’s experiences. We hope these pointers come in handy during your home renovation Singapore project so you too can convert your home into a haven.