The home renovation contractor you pick can literally make or break your home remodelling project. When you hire the right remodelling contractors, you improve your chances of getting the work done within budget as well as within a fixed time-frame. The right contractor will also give you a quality job, not to forget mentioning the reduced hassles and headaches one has to invariably deal with in such projects. To ensure finding the best renovation contractor it is recommended getting at least 3 quotations from 3 different contractors. Communicate with each contractor in person, or over the phone. Ensure you are able to talk easily with them; if not, it is best to tick them off the list and move on to the next shortlisted candidate.  Here are some important tips to note when getting quotations from different contractors:

Get itemized bids

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Often, home renovation contractors take a look at the size of the project and roughly state an estimate. Most prefer giving a lump sum amount as to how much the project would cost. This does not help you understand whether he is overcharging you because you simply do not know the split up. So try and get itemized breakups for the job. You must get line by line pricing so that if you decide to forego part of the project you can get that cost subtracted from the final bill. If you do not have itemized line by line billing, you have no way of doing this.

Here are some items the quotations must also include:

  1. Breaking and demolition
  2. Trash collection and disposal
  3. Cordoning off areas and protecting the property
  4. Plumbing
  5. Electric work
  6. Tile, flooring
  7. Paint
  8. Light fixtures

Is the price in quotation an estimate or fixed price

Make sure your contractors firmly state if the price they are quoting is an estimate or the fixed price. Failure to clarify this would result in final bills that are on the higher side of the estimate. Often, some contractors tend to state that there are too many unknowns as a result of which they cannot give an accurate estimate. In such a case, ask them to eliminate those unknowns as far as possible. If they are still unable to do so, then ask them not to include those values in the quotations and describe only what they know for sure. The later additions/changes can be presented as a change order or you could simply go for a mini bid for the job.

Find out about each contractor in detail

Each shortlisted candidate must be willing to come up with references. He should have a reputation of having been in the business for at least 5-10 years. It is best to steer clear of new and inexperienced contractors who live kilometers away from your area. A local contractor having an office and fixed address near your place is always a safer bet.

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Find out where they shop

A reliable remodeling contractor will have a fixed network of vendors and suppliers where he sources his materials from. This is a great way of tapping into his reliability- find out where he sources the wood, laminates, timber, paint, tiles etc so you can even visit these suppliers where possible. Ask them about the contractors’ reputation and if he has left happy customers. Good contractors will not shy away from telling you where they source their materials from.

Visit other job sites

If possible, drive down to the site where he is already working. Note how the site is, whether the debris has been cleared and if possible talk to the property owner. This is a great way of getting important insight about the contractor in question.

These are some important ways of getting quotations from renovation contractors in Singapore.