Whether you are a first time home buyer or renovating your existing home, the question foremost on your mind must be: what style should I choose? Naturally, most interior designers would ask you to bring clippings of pictures you might have liked in the magazines to help evoke the style you like. If however you are still confused or even open-minded, then it can actually open many doors for your home renovation Singapore expert. Today, you can choose from many interior design styles including Art Deco, Country, Oriental, Romantic or American style. If, however, function is your main criteria where you wish for accessory-free spaces and very clean lines, then the Modern style of interior designing would work very well for you.

Let us study the features of this style of interior design.

Characteristics of Modern interior design

As stated before, homeowners who love clean lines and accessory-free look with wide clear spaces do very well with this style of interior designing. This design style can be accredited to the founders of the Bauhaus School of design (1919) who came together to combine ‘form and function’ in their designs.  Thus, you wouldn’t find accessories and decorative elements usually seen in other styles of interior design. In fact; this very feature leads Modern Interior design style to be labelled as “cold, harsh and overly simple”. However, an expert interior designer can work his/her magic to add beauty and elegance to the style despite its inherent simplicity.

Variations to Modern design over the years

Interior designers over the years have incorporated many changes and variations in the modern style of interior designing. Thus, you can get vintage modern, rustic modern, renaissance and even Victorian modern designs. Futurism, Neo-dada, cubism, and abstract expressionism can also be considered as subgenres of modernism.


As stated before, clean lines are the central element of modern interior design. You will thus find rooms and its elements shaped in clean straight linear styles without use of textures, carvings or wooden tones. This is what sets the modern style of interior designing apart from the contemporary style which uses curved or sweeping lines along with other flexible details.

Metals and surfaces

Like in contemporary interior design, the modern design style of interior decoration also uses chrome and stainless steel for their clean polished look. The former may be seen in faucets, cabinet handles, door knobs, lamps and railings.

Similarity with Minimalism

The one thing that modern interior design style has in common with Minimalist style of Interior designing is that both designs lack in cabinet trimmings and mouldings. Thus you would find open floor plans with fewer walls, sanded wood floors with minimized grain, and lack of excess or avoidance of unnecessary use of colours and textures. Both styles are based on the “less is more” approach in designing. Additionally, the lack of clutter through minimal use of accessories, pottery, vases, art pieces, rugs, throws, pillows etc is also a common factor in both designs.


Neutral colours or shades of black and white are central to this style of designing but primary colours may be used as accents to break their monotony. Bolder colours can be used, for example, in a couple of pillows, wall art, single throw rugs, or a single chair.

Here are some examples of modern interior design styles.

Modern Interior design in Kitchen


Modern interior design living room


Modern interior design Bathroom

modern style of interior design

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