Often, homeowners undergoing renovation in Singapore get so focused on buying the perfect sofa, the right sink, the best curtains etc that they forget to breathe and reflect upon what is best for their spaces. Before sitting down to design any room, one must tell one’s  designer how they really want a room to “feel”.

So, if you say you want your room to feel “serene”, then the designer immediately gets an idea as to how different elements should be incorporated with each other to achieve serenity. The same is the case with the sensual style of interior design: every colour, texture and furniture used should suggest romance and sensuality. The textures used should literally replace one’s clothing! The design elements, lines, lights and colours should flatter and please one’s senses.

The 4 basic elements in any style of interior design are: architecture, colour, texture and lights.

Let us study ways of incorporating these 4 elements in sensual style of interior design:


If you are undergoing home renovation, your contractor might be required to make a few structural changes. Sensual architecture is one that promotes warm and inviting atmosphere. In some cases, people want their bedrooms to be dark, tranquil and romantic spaces. If drapes alone cannot bring this intimacy, some structural changes may be necessary. In either case and for any room, when it comes to sensual style of interior designing, one must be able to create a space that enables them to escape the daily grind of hectic world.


Sensuality is highly personal especially when it comes to colours- a person might find blacks, browns or deep chocolate hues as dangerous, sensual and sexy- still someone else might find pink, reds or orange hues sensual and passionate. In general, colours used in bedrooms of sensual style of interior design should be rich and masculine, at the same time- they should not be vibrant or jarring the senses.  Thus, neutral greys and deep jewel tones work very well but it is recommended that one stay away from vibrant greens, yellows, or reds as these could interfere with one’s sleep. That being said, couples who wish to experiment with their sensual or wild side could go for sexy black satin, or even sofas and bed covers in semi glossy black finish. Likewise, deep Chinese red paint slicked on dining room walls is provocative, flirtatious and extremely sexy.


Naturally, the sensual style of interior design has smooth, soft and satiny textures. Uncluttered surfaces, soft rugs and throws in every room including the bathrooms, cool cottons, rich velvet drapes or silky/satiny soft pillows and cushions are some ways of bringing in the smooth textures in this style of interior designing.


Lights play an important role in the sensual style of interior designing. One must use recessed light along with dimmer switches especially in bedrooms to avoid jarring the senses. Elegant chandeliers, candles and dim light bulbs are the key to designing in this style of interior design. Gentle lights along with separate reading areas are especially recommended.

Apart from these elements, you could choose furniture that reflects sensuality in a subtle manner. A huge four poster bed with a canopy, wall art depicting nudes or beautiful women, suggestive ornamentation and art pieces, elegant mirrors, swings or other furniture pieces that feel smooth and sexy against the bare arms are some ideas used by designers when incorporating the sensual style of interior designing. In general, there are no wire meshes, or wicker or wooden slat pieces.

Here are some examples of sensual style of interior design.

sensual style of interior design bedroom

sensual style of interior design kitchen

sensual style of interior design living room

images: Arcadianhome| Living room-Mydecorative| Kitchen Lunargamez