We have often heard of how companies put in research while designing their logos and picking a color especially, because it needs to appeal to a consumer in the end. Many of the ‘now- iconic’ brands took their logos and colors seriously and with good effects. Similarly color experts and psychologists say colors in a room can strongly influence our emotions, mood and productivity. So before you pull out that shade card and pick colors with your home renovation experts, do consider these options:Living room – This is a place where you will meet people, and let friends and families mingle to (obviously!) have loads of conversation and fun. You will want to pick a color that aids all this, both for you and your guests. Experts recommend warm colors like red, maroon, yellow and burgundy because they stimulate energy and excitement. In case you don’t want to color the entire room in these colors due to lighting or room size constraints, you can always try to accent walls using these colors. If you are looking for a more formal look, opt for browns, grays or creams with some of the above accents to make your living room look vibrant and welcoming.

feel good colour schemes for your home

Dining room – A room where your family and guests will eat, you will want to choose a color that, besides increasing appetites, also lets you relax and feel happy. Again, tones of red and orange are great choices for dining areas because they stimulate hunger. Yellow works well too because it boosts optimism, which is always a good thing when you are eating breakfast and starting your day.

Kitchen – Some experts recommend coloring these in the same color schemes that remind you of your childhood kitchen. But if those were colors that you don’t particularly like as an adult or if you need to reach some common ground between you and your spouse pick colors like brown, yellow and reds. Again cabinets are big part of kitchens so instead of using these as wall colors use them on your cabinets.

feel good colour schemes for your home

 Bedroom – After a long day, when you need a place to unwind, relax and connect with your partner, you will definitely need to pick a color that allows and helps you do so. Look for cool colors like blues, greens and lavender. Blue especially is considered to be very calming so try and avoid colors that are too bright and intense. For children bedrooms also, opt for pale colors that will soothe them instead of using very strong ones that may promote irritability.

feel good colour schemes for your home

Office – In case you have a home office or like to work from home at times, pick a color that helps you focus and enhances productivity. Color experts recommend green because it’s a good color to be around for longer periods of time.

Bathrooms – Traditionally people have used whites predominantly in their bathroom renovations because it helps them appear bigger and cleaner. But if you want to add some color to an otherwise darker part of the home, choose colors like aqua, turquoise or earthy colors to rejuvenate yourself. If you still think white would work well and make your bathroom look brighter, pick these colors for tiles and tile patterns.

We hope these tips help you pick a great color scheme for your home, one that makes your home welcoming, relaxing and comfortable, all at the same time.

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