A sofa is like a little black dress- a must have for your living room-an absolute staple. Couch or sofa surfing is an exciting process and once you find the right fit-it will get you through good times and bad! Read on for important tips on how to pick the right sofa..

How to pick the right sofa for your living room

Step 1- It’s all about the proportions

Successful sofa hunting begins with taking the exact measurements of the living room. This will help you select a piece that works in harmony with the rest of the space. Too large- and your sofa will quickly engulf the entire room; too small- and it might get lost in it. So measure, measure, measure! If needed, mark out the exact dimensions using a newspaper. Get an understanding of the length and depth of the room.

Style tip- Does your living room have an open plan design and a lot of space? Then select a substantial piece that makes an impact. Examples include large modular two or three piece sofas. For smaller areas, especially apartments go for 2.5 seater or even smaller modular pieces. To add lightness to a room, select a piece having raised legs. This way, you can even clean and vacuum underneath. For very small rooms select a small 2- seater sofa along with one or two chairs.

Step 2- The Material

Fabric or leather? – That is the question. Most Singaporeans opt for leather since it lasts longer, is smart looking and also hardwearing. It is especially the perfect choice in sofa materials for families having young kids. Leather is also suitable for people who entertain a lot as it can withstand heavy traffic. Fabric has its share of advantages: it offers you greater choice in terms of colours, patterns and textures. If selecting fabric sofas, always go for natural fibres like wool held tightly with poly-cotton or twill weaves.

Style tip– Opting for leather sofas? Then please do not skimp or compromise on its finish and quality. There are many varieties in leather including nubuck etc which are highly absorbent and can get damaged in event of spills. If choosing fabric sofas, select multi-coloured and textured weaves, as these are more serviceable.

how to pick the right sofa for Singaporeans

Step 3-Placing and dressing the sofa

The sofa is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room. Place it in a manner that does not dominate the look of the room. You must also dress the sofa right using a mix of textures to pull the space together. You can use table lamps on the side tables placed adjacent to the sofa and also add some soft floor lighting for a subtle atmosphere. Add a finishing touch to the room using occasional chairs having matching upholstery.

Style tip– A U-shaped arrangement generally works best where you can couple your sofa with occasional chairs and an ottoman. This is ideal placement for chatting with guests. Add a generous scattering of cushions and do not hesitate to play with the shapes including rectangular, round and square cushions to keep things interesting.

Caring for your sofa

  1. Avoid covering up leather sofa with abrasive materials like blankets etc
  2. Do not place the sofa in areas that receive direct sunlight as this may fade the colour or cause leather to shrink.
  3. Clean the sofa regularly based on instructions provided for its fabric. Leather sofas need to be cleaned with suitable products that also moisturize the material.
  4. For fabric sofas, if there is a loose thread, avoid pulling it out. Instead, use a pair of scissors.
  5. Quickly dab up spills and stains since the longer they sit, the harder they will be to clean. Avoid rubbing the spills in, as this will stain the fabric.

These are some tips to select the right sofa for your home. Click here to get multiple quotations from the top renovation contractors in Singapore

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