You have finally zeroed in on a home – one that you don’t exactly love how it looks at the moment but one that you see some great potential in. You think to yourself – “No problem, there’s always scope for renovation. I can make changes, remove this, add that, purchase new things and make it reflect our personalities”. Famous last words? Hopefully not. If you plan your renovation well and follow some of our pointers, you can renovate your home on and within a budget and not necessarily break the bank. Here’s how:


Need Vs Want – This should be a big part of your homework before you dive into your home renovation Singapore. There is a pretty big difference and a monetary one at that when you consider what you need renovated versus what you would like or want to be renovated. Some things may be very obvious like a floor that needs definite tiling or a leak while some may just be purely based on aesthetics, like the expensive massage chair you have been eyeing for some time.  It is a given you want to do something that is aesthetically pleasing but maybe that component is not a priority at the moment and can wait or there are economical alternatives available. Whatever maybe the case, go over the entire home with a keen eye and list out what has to be changed and done as part of the renovation.


Budget and save – Isn’t this always the big one for so many things in life? Given the fact that this is not going to be a small affair, work on fixing a budget. This will help you gain perspective of how much you have in hand and how much extra you will need to put in. If the renovation is sometime away, start saving some money every month so that you use it to pay up for some part of the remodel and renovation. There are always going to be loans available but those don’t come cheap either, so have a budget in place and try to stick to it as much as possible.


Get the right person for the job – While doing your research, you will come across several options – both contractors and interior designer firms that may seem like a good fit for your job. Take your time, ask around, check for reviews and see their past work to get an idea of what and who you will be dealing with for the next several weeks. Ensure the renovation contractor and /or interior designer has the right kind of qualifications and licenses to tackle the job on hand.

renovate your home on budget Singapore

Estimate and more – If you have found more than one option for who might take on the renovation, ask for an estimate for all the work that needs to be done. You will get a fair idea of how this fits into your budget or if you are going to be overshooting it by a large margin. Compare the different estimates that you have and see which one is the right one for you. Always remember to factor in another 10-15 % for extras. These are inevitable most of the times, so it is good to be prepared.


DIY perhaps – When we say DIY, not everything can be Do-It-Yourself. Some things are best left to the professionals. And yet, there may be a few tasks around the house that you can perhaps take on if you have the time and energy. Yes, hiring an interior decorator is good, provided you have the budget for it. Otherwise give some thought to taking over what a professional interior decorator may do. Check if your contractor can make or build some things for you so that you don’t need to step into a big store and spend big money. Or look for a more economical version of what you need.

We hope these little tips help you renovate your home on a budget and save you big bucks!