Singaporeans today no longer want generic properties; they wish to emulate luxury spas and resorts into their home designs. This is where the Resort Style of Interior designing comes into play. Imagine coming home after a long day of work only to disappear into fluffy pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets or relax and unwind in a Jacuzzi spa/tub? Imagine waking up each morning to the soft feeling of lush rugs or carpets as you walk down a lobby style hallway to a luxurious kitchen for that much needed cup of coffee! The best part about recreating Resort style homes is that you need not spend a whole lot of money on these projects: just a few steps and a team of experienced renovation experts can help you achieve this style in your home.

Here are some ideas you can use to create a spa and resort style interior design:

  1. Lavish bedrooms- A luxurious bedroom is the highlight of resort style interior design. Simply think of all the hotels, spas and resorts you have visited. What do they all have in common? An assortment of comfortable pillows, matching comforters, sheets, drapes and upholstery. So, you must first invest in comfortable and plush bedding, mattress and pillows. Supplement these with Egyptian cotton having the highest thread count. The King/Queen sized bed could have an ornate headboard with design that matches those of the two side desks placed on either side of the bed, resort style. Do not forget to add a desk complemented by a couple of elegant high-backed chairs and a large flat screen TV to complete your Resort style bedroom.
  2. Spa style bathroom– The next element to focus on in your home renovation project is the bathroom. Like the bedroom, this area must also focus on serenity and tranquillity. You could include a glass-enclosed walk in tub/shower area that is well equipped with full body shower jets, hand held shower/massage units, Jacuzzi tubs and so on. Ensure stocking up the bathroom shelves with plush bathrobes and towels made of luxurious cotton. You could also consider heated towel racks and flooring and other such facilities seen in spa bathrooms. Lighting is of utmost importance in resort style bathroom decoration- the overhead lights should not be too bright but should include dimmer switches to help you relax as you soak away in the tub. Accessories like elegant shower curtains, scented candles, matching rugs, oil and perfume bottles etc can be used to add pops of colours to your spa style bath. A set of deep sinks flanked with large wall mirrors lit by glitzy lights in wall sconces can help complete your resort or spa like atmosphere.
  3. Lobby like living rooms– To implement resort style interior design in your living room, simply imagine the lobby of a resort hotel. You must naturally include comfortable seating area that is furnished with plush sofas or plump chairs and lit using dim relaxing lights. Glitzy mirrors, fabulous contemporary artwork pieces, and exotic fresh floral arrangements can help complete the look. Textures and materials that can help create a dramatic resort style impact in the living rooms include marble, wood and shiny lacquer. A round table placed on soft plush rug can pamper your feet as you unwind at the end of the day.
  4. Fabrics– Think silks, linen and damasks when choosing drapes and curtains for your Resort style interior designing. Black-out curtains for windows in bedrooms are of utmost importance to keep out the light and help you get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Lighting– Hotel/resort lights are never dim, so you will see plenty of chandeliers, wall sconces with recessed lighting as well as modern sculptural lights with dimmers installed. The bedroom should have lamps placed on either of the bedside tables and you can choose ones having golden trims to create that luxurious ‘resort-like’ look.

Naturally, the key to maintaining the look of luxury and elegance in your Resort style home is constant cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering. You must use clever storage ideas such as shelves, hidden cabinets, baskets and other accessories to keep objects out of sight and minimize clutter. Each room should also have a specific purpose; for example you can bring Zen into the home by adding a space to do some Yoga or a game room to play and unwind with the family. Also bring in bits of nature indoors through indoor plants and floral arrangements. Finally, do not forget to play some light music to help escape the stress of everyday life in your luxurious, stylish and elegant resort style home!

Here are some photos of Resort style interior design ideas.

resort style interiors bathroom renovation singapore

resort style interiors bedroom renovation Singapore

resort style interiors for living rooms