The Classical style of interior designing is based upon the Greek or Roman styles of interiors and is estimated to never ever go out of fashion. The key elements of this style of designing are: natural proportions, balance and symmetry so you would want to achieve all three during your home renovation Singapore.

Central focal point of the classical style of interior design

A central focal point is of utmost importance in this style of interior design. The designer might use, for example, a fireplace as the central focal point and flank it on either side with armchairs or ornate mirrors to achieve visual balance. Columns are some other important characteristics of this design. Classic ornamentation, which can be traced back to the Roman and Greek architectures, also helps represent this style. Here are some features of this style in a nutshell:

  • Symmetry
  • Balance
  • Order
  • Elegant fabrics and
  • Nature inspired colours, materials etc.

Let us now discuss some of these main characteristics of classic style of interior design:

Colours– Colours are inspired by nature in the classical style of interior designing.  If you study Roman homes and architecture, you will find prominent use of earthy tones, terracotta browns, burnt oranges etc. Likewise, Greek interiors tend to use sharp contrasting whites, blues, whitewashed walls, and also accents in navy, turquoise, etc. Both Italy and Greece are regions having lush greenery, plenty of flowers, natural sunlight and the sea- so the Greek and Roman inspired interior styles are also full of hues of green, gold, red, orange and blue as inspired by these elements.

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Fabrics– The fabrics used in the classic style of interior designing are extremely elegant and also inspired by nature. Thus you will find silks, furs, leather, wool and linen. Draped fabrics, rich tapestries, velvet upholstered footstools and sofas, and other attention-grabbing upholstery materials are used for creating comfort and elegance.

Floors and columns- The classic look can be recreated using ceramic, limestone, marble or stained concrete flooring materials. The focus is again on use of natural materials. In ancient Athens, people also used mosaic tiled floors.  For modern homes, you can go in for hardwood flooring covered with rugs, though the genuine Roman and Greek inspired classical interior designing rarely used Rugs or carpeting. Exposed columns are central to this style of interiors, and today, designers use faux columns to add that original look. Columns can be used for framing fireplaces, or doorframes or even standalone to support planters, statue busts or sculptures.

How to get the look

For infusing classical style of interior designing in your modern home renovation Singapore project, your designer can use whitewashed stucco walls, gentle arches, beamed or wood panelled ceilings and bright blue shutters or windows. Rugs can also carry the blue and white theme. It is a good idea to cover the bathroom and shower stalls with mosaic tiles having Greek designs. For the dining area, one could go in for backless stools and/or simple wooden seating and use low white couches in the living room.

Here are some photos to inspire you to design in the classical style of interior designing!

classical style of interior design

classical Roman style of interior design

classic style of interior design bathroom

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