Where other styles of interior designing implemented in most Renovation Singapore projects try and conceal the building materials used, the Industrial Interior design style proudly displays them. Thus, this style of designing is as much about function as it is about style.

It is a rising trend implemented by designers to decorate loft style homes, commercial spaces as well as small apartments. The industrial interior design style is a simple one utilizing neutral tones, wooden, metallic surfaces as well as utilitarian objects.

Born out of necessity, it has become a much sought after style of home decoration with not just designers, but homeowners specifically seeking its “unfinished” look.

Philosophy behind Industrial Interior Design

Every object around us is man-made and is a result of a talented designer and a skillful factory worker. Thus the principle behind the Industrial Interior design style ideas is to relate a given space to its components by keeping things as honest as possible. The result: a highly liberating, unfinished warehouse-like look that celebrates upscale interiors through the use of metallic light fixtures, stainless steel surfaces and vintage furniture pieces.

Components of Industrial Interior design style

As stated above, a designer implementing Industrial Interior design ideas would expose pipes and ducts where, typically, one would want to try and conceal them. In fact the idea behind this style was actually born out of converting factories into residential units.

Thus exposed ceiling beams, raw, rough and flat surfaces along with open clutter free spaces are typical components of such style of interior designing. Here is a summary of the key characteristics/components of the Industrial Interior design style :

  • Exposed beams, brickwork, ceiling elements
  • Good amount of storage
  • Abundant use of Concrete
  • Clutter free and minimalist
  • Exposed Steel beams, columns
  • Rough or unfinished wood

Combination with Minimalism

In a way, the Industrial Interior design style is very closely related to Minimalism style of interior designing. This means, there is very little ornamentation, objects, furniture etc and if you do need these, then clever storage can be used to hide them. The best part of implementing Industrial Interior design ideas in your home renovation project is that you won’t be spending a whole lot of money on it.

You can even use recycled materials or scour yard sales or online second hand retail stores to seek recycled, salvaged objects made out of steel, glass, metal or wood.  If you have removed sections of walls from your home, you can leave them semi or unfinished for a classic industrial look. You can alternatively paint them in a creative manner to make them look a little “worn out”. We suggest adding some large artwork pieces for a masculine or a shabby chic look.

Floors– Concrete is an ideal material for flooring in this style of designing. Go in for rough patchy timber or stone floors to achieve the classic industrial look.

Decor– Seriously comfortable sofas, large comfy cushions, and other decor can be used to add a bit of softness to the otherwise harsh environment.

Colours-As stated above, neutral and warm colour tones are ideal in this style of interior designing. Stay away from bright bold colours and go in for shades of greys and whites for crisp, clean, cold and industrial look. Make use of indoor plants to add some life and colour into the otherwise neutral environment.

Let us take a look at some photos implementing Industrial Interior design ideas to help inspire you for your project. Note the exposed brick, ceiling beams and steel pipes. All these elements impart an old school feel to the spaces.

industrial interior design ideas for bedrooms

industrial interior design ideas for living room


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