It is a question that every homeowner asks constantly. As a homeowner, it is always a dream to live in a stylish home. However, to achieve this dream, it also means taking on renovation work to your house, and mind you, this is a big-ticket item that could prove to be straining on your expenses.

So how to create a stylish home cheaply, you ask? We’ll share a few inside tips that could help transform your home into a stylish looking space with a modest budget.

How you utilize your space dictates how attractive, stylish and luxurious your home looks. It’s not always necessary to fill the house with costly furniture or chandeliers to make it look multi-million dollar. There are ways where you can just cheat a little, achieving an expensive looking visual effect by making slight modifications to the design of your house, and by placing affordable decorating pieces or furnishings tastefully.

Here are some simple and immediate solutions with a little bit of planning and elbow grease, that could take your home from ordinary to extraordinary, and you will see that affluent look is all in the detail!

Less is really more in a stylish home

While everyone has junk or unused items in their house, you will see, for the most part, that expensive looking homes are clutter-free and spotless. Walk through your home, look through your closets, store rooms or other areas with these items. Organize yourself and make three piles. 1 pile for the ‘To Dispose’ items, 1 pile for ‘Donation’, and 1 pile for ‘The Things that Matter to you’.

They can be clothing that no longer fit, forgotten artifacts, unwanted furniture, rugs, or hand-me-downs. These are the items that you should consider getting rid of and to make your living space look bigger for a good reason. When trying to beautify your home, the best thing to do is to invest in housekeeping. Keep everything in your home as clean as possible and you will immediately see how posh your home feels.

Liven up with flowers and fruits

Play up colors with flowers or large bowls of fresh fruit. You could decide to use either fake or fresh flowers for decorative purpose. Of course, fake flowers would require very little care and best of all, they look almost like the real thing. Oversized glass bowls of apples, oranges and lemons add a wonderfully cheerful elegance to your interior. With their naturally bold colours, they work wonders complementing plain looking spaces.

Don’t just limit fruits only to the décor. A boldly coloured bowl or tastefully crafted Japanese ceramic wares placed strategically on a coffee table, sofa table or dining table will also add a casual elegance to your space. All of these can be bought cheaply for $2 a piece at your nearest Daiso stores.

Create a stylish home with fabrics

Nothing makes as much impact in a room as colour tones. You can easily create a stylish home just by using fabrics to set the tone for your living space. Fabrics are a quick and affordable choice that could give your interior a lush-looking visual impact. Typically rich fabrics have textures that you can see as well as feel. Deep bold colours, when mixed with different shades of whites, or pastels in silks, linens and velvets will add a luxurious touch to your rooms.

If you have an old cushion sofa, consider new fabric covers with trendy looking prints or designer style colours to give it a notable and chic looking facelift. Buy a couple of throw pillows with matching fabric covers to create a visually strong and expensive look for your living room. Ikea stores or small textile stores located in Haji Lane (near Beach Road) are a good choice to start looking.

Consider used or faux pas items to create a stylish home

If you’re not too bothered with used items, why not consider buying furniture or décor items from second hand shops instead of the designer stores. It is one way of getting the same quality of items but for a greatly reduced price. Keep a look out at community forums or classified ads. Sometimes, you could get hold of great value items like these from an expatriate family intending to relocate to another country.

You needn’t own a Picasso or Dali to make your walls seem richer. You can easily put up framed posters, faux pas artwork or photography work – anything at all to give your home a classy looking art gallery. Choose a few elegant looking frames to achieve the expensive look. A recent trend sees home owners putting up a trio of paneled artwork in the living room or dining area.

You can also consider faux pas items such as a synthetic rug – made from Olefin (aka Polypropylene), Polyester, and Acrylic, commonly used to create look-alike wool. They are cheap to buy and immediately create an expensive feel to the room. Look around in Ikea and you will find plenty of selection. Alternatively, try hunting for faux pas artifacts in local flea markets for items such as exotic ‘Stone Buddha’ statues or ‘Angkor Wat’ look-alike artifacts while holidaying in Thailand, Cambodia or Indonesia.

All in all, making your home look expensive with a modest budget is not a difficult task. You just need to read up, acquire some knowledge and do some planning. Enjoy the process!