Tired of the look of your kitchen? Then, it is time to add a new coat of paint to it as a part of your home renovation in Singapore. There are a few kitchen painting tips that you must know before embarking on your painting work. Financially, it is also worthy to note that painting is an inexpensive method of imparting a fresh new look to your kitchen, which to some homeowners, is the most important room in a home.

Here are some important tips we would like to share with you when painting your kitchen.

Important kitchen painting tips to know before you start

Analyze the existing paint– Take a look at your kitchen. What is it that you dislike about the existing colours? What is it that you like about them? Analyzing the current colour scheme will help you select your new schemes and palette. You can also pick and retain the more durable colours by determining existing elements which have withstood the test of time.

Consider the size of the kitchen– If you have a smaller kitchen you could create an illusion of space by opting for lighter colours. Darker shades, as you probably already know, make a room appear smaller.

Use only quality paint- It is vital to choose the most durable, quality paints for the entire home renovation project, and more so for the kitchen. If you are hiring painters for the job, do check if they are using quality paint brushes and rollers. Poor quality painting tools could leave smudges or uneven paint surface areas that will appear unsightly. Cheaper paints might appear to save you money initially, but will cost you in re-work and also impart a cheap look to your kitchen.

Select semi gloss or glossy surfaces– No matter how clean you keep your kitchen, you must remember that there is always a large amount of grease present in the air here. Therefore, you must avoid matte or textured paint, since they render the surfaces harder to clean. Matte and textured paints tend to hold more dust and grease and appear dingy and dull after a few years.

Painting tips for kitchen cabinets

Carefully coordinate the colours of cabinets and walls– You need not choose the same colours for cabinets and the kitchen walls, but you can use shades that complement each other. If you are using bold colour schemes for the walls, you can go in for contrasting lighter shades for the cabinets to add a sense of style and personality to the kitchen. Conversely, if you decide to use muted colours for the walls, you can add pops of bright colours while selectively repeating them all around the kitchen in a contrasting fashion.

Select the cabinet colours carefully– If your cabinet wood is darker in shade, it is recommended painting it using darker colours. On the other hand, lighter wood can be coloured using almost any shade. Remember that lighter colours appear gloomier and dingy when used for painting dark wood.

Try and follow these tips when you go in for kitchen and home renovation in Singapore. With these pointers that we’ve shared, we hope they could help you add a fresh and clean look to creating your dream kitchen by covering up faults or damages, if any, in the wall and cabinet units, without costing a fortune.