Building, renovating or repairing a HDB flat can be the most expensive project one would undertake. Naturally, the renovation contractor you hire can be your biggest ally or your biggest headache you could possibly encounter. Disreputable contractors are known to go out of their way to take advantage of the unsuspecting homeowners. So it is your duty to be an informed consumer in this matter and protect your interests while avoiding waste of money.

Tips to identify a trusted renovation contractor

Thankfully, Singapore consumers can protect themselves from scams and poor workmanship by selecting contractors that are listed/registered with the RADAC. This organization ensures that the renovators abide by stringent Singapore Renovation and Decoration Code of Practice and also satisfy other criteria like financial stability, technical competence etc.

Recently however, it has come to light that many Singapore homeowners trusted non-accredited renovation contractors for plumbing, roofing or electrical work. While some of them faced poor quality and workmanship, still others had to actually face financial frauds where the scammers simply disappeared with their hard earned money.

So, when you ask for quotations from various renovation contractors, do ask to see their RADAC license and also cross check with the website. Steer clear of any contractor who misrepresents his license in any manner.

When seeking contractors from other sources, you must try and get word of mouth reviews from trustworthy friends and colleagues. Such recommendations are particularly useful when you already know a friend or neighbor has recently undergone a HDB renovation. In case you are undergoing repairs resulting from some seasonal/natural damages, you could even contact your home insurance agent for names of reputed renovation contractors in the city.

trusted renovation contractor

The RADAC registered renovation contractors are also required to be covered under public liability insurance. Reputable and trustworthy renovation contractors will carry this insurance certificate so that you know they are covered against liabilities or injuries when working on your job. That being said; sneaky contractors will try and save this money and not have this coverage. This increases your risk as a homeowner as it makes you susceptible to lawsuits in case any injury or damage occurs on your property.

So, when you are preparing to hire one of the shortlisted candidates after you have received several quotes, do ask for these documents. If he comes up with excuses, refuse to do business with him. When checking the insurance, make sure the amounts for personal, property and worker’s compensation are mentioned clearly. Check if the dates and validity periods on all documents are current and if you feel suspicious, simply contact the RADAC site for confirmation. Do make sure that your chosen contractor’s team of workers is also a reliable one.

Apart from insurance documents, your contractors should also provide you with references. You should then call these ex-clients and ask the following questions:

  • How satisfied were you with the project? Was it completed within budget and the set timeline?
  • Was the contractor forthcoming in answering your doubts? Did he keep you updated with the progress?
  • If there were any problems in the project, how were they handled?
  • Would you recommend this contractor and his team?

We hope that you take advantage of this brief guide as well as our other articles on this site for finding the best and most trustworthy renovation contractor in Singapore.

Images: Reprocessing center