Three words can be used to describe the Oriental style of interior designing-classy, exotic and rich. This is a style that instils a sense of serenity and calm, not unlike the Japanese or Zen style of interior design concepts. So, if you wish to come home to opulence and serenity, then the Oriental style of designing is perfect for you. Do note that there is a lot more to Oriental interior design than just a few pieces of ornamentation obtained from the far eastern countries. On the contrary, this style of designing needs careful thought, balance and precision as it is very easy to get carried away in the process of designing.

So let us consider some of the most important factors that must be accounted for when designing in the Oriental style in your home renovation.

What is Oriental Style of Interior Design?

The term oriental is an umbrella term for several countries- Japan, China, Thailand, India, Cambodia etc. So, in general, think ‘Far East’ when you consider this style of designing.

We have already covered the Japanese style of designing in great detail here.


When it comes to the Oriental style of interior design, the colours and backdrops used are usually nature inspired. Thus, you will get to see plenty of white, beige, grey, blues, browns and even understated greys in this design.  The key is to use soothing and laidback colours that instil a sense of tranquillity and peace in the ambience.

Vivid and rich hues

An Oriental interior design is also full of rich and vibrant hues but they must be used rather wisely in order to balance and harmonize along with tranquillity and serenity. For example, ravishing reds, vibrant luxurious purples and cherry blossom pinks can be used abundantly particularly if you are designing using the Chinese style of interiors.


Black and gold are two colours that can be used to add a sense of mysticism when designing in this Oriental style of interior design.  So what you could do is, go in for neutral backdrops with plenty of golden hues and accents in the ornamentation. This is a sure-fire way of adding majestic elegance and mysticism to the design.

Balancing different textures

The key consideration in the Oriental interior design concept is to balance and harmonize not just the colours used but also the different textures. So you might want to think about adding concrete, glass, bamboo, wood, stone, and silks along with other organic textures in a poised fashion.

Water element

To enhance equilibrium in the rooms, and as per principles of Feng Shui, flowing water sounds are a must in the Oriental style of interior designing. These can help add harmony and positivity to the environment and your interior design Singapore expert could either put in reflective pools or small artificial waterfalls to achieve it. A small Koi pond is also a fantastic idea provided you have the space and the resources to maintain it. Whatever water feature you opt for, make sure that it adds fluidity while also doubling up as a sculptural installation which is the focal point of the room.


As stated above, you can use nature inspired wall paints or Chinese red with golden accents for the walls. If you are selecting wallpapers, go for patterned ones with Calligraphy, bamboos, birds or flowers etc from the Orient.


Opt for ornately decorated furniture pieces with glossy lacquer, black or other varying shades of red, black etc. It is best to keep furniture low key with dark wooden chairs that are decoratively carved.


Opt for Chinese style lamps, Oriental rugs and other rich, decorative and silky accessories. Chinese ceramic vases, jugs, jars, bowls, plates etc with dragons, birds, trees and other motifs are ideal to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in the Oriental interior design.

Oriental Style of Interior Design

Oriental Style of Interior Design


Oriental Style of Interior Design

Oriental Style of Interior Design