If you wish to go in for home renovation that leaves money behind in your pocket, there are many options and ideas for you to consider. The Minimalist style of interior designing, also known as the Asian inspired designing, is one such idea. It reduces all aspects of renovation to an essential level and gives your home a clutter-free, no-nonsense yet a sophisticated look.

What is Minimalism in Interior Designing?

Explained very simply, minimalism is that style of interior designing that strives for harmony and balance between a room and the objects used therein. So, a home which is designed in this style will probably have kitchen and dining areas merging into each other, walls being used with the purpose of creating segments of spaces or even having “blurred” lines between the interiors and the exteriors. Minimalism style of Interior designing became rather popular after the Second World War where simple living became focus in the aftermath of the horrific event. So ‘open, clean and orderly’ are the key principles to be followed when using this style of interior design. The focus is also, as stated before, on essentialism and not on wastage on needless adornments.

You will also get to see many Japanese elements in this style of designing.

How to incorporate the style in your home renovation?

  1. ColoursWall colours in this style are usually purist white, or cool white based teals, greens or corals. The palette chosen is highly reflective so that natural light can play its magic.
  2. Texture– Absence of texture is the key feature of minimalistic style of interior designing. Fabrics used are sleek, smooth and soft and you will not find too many window treatments. Grainy leathered upholstery and patterned rectangular area rugs is the only texture you might find in this design.
  3. Kitchen cabinets are lacquered to smooth shiny finish and may be topped off by using granite.
  4. Pure simplicity is the focus of this design. Hung artwork is not necessary- one or two imperfect pieces with asymmetry or strong geometric shapes are ideal.
  5. To combine functionality and art, chrome furniture is ideal in this style of home interior designing.

Key elements of Minimalistic Interior designing

  1. Abundant use of silk and fine fabrics including silk draperies and pillows.
  2. Palette- Neutral and earthy tones in matte finish.
  3. Exposed and unfinished beams and posts. Wood flooring may be butt-plank joint, base mouldings are linear not for the purpose of being noticed but only for function of covering the walls.
  4. Use of minimal floor covering.

We leave you with some photos of minimalist style of interior designing to help you in your Singapore home renovation project.

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