Singapore homes are getting smaller as a result of which there is an increasing need for ideas and design concepts that add to the functionality of restricted spaces without compromise on aesthetics. This need has given birth to the open kitchen design concept. Not only do open kitchen plans look gorgeous; they are also ideal for interconnecting the living and dining rooms with the kitchen. More and more renovation contractors and designers today are recommending open kitchen plans to their clients for imparting an elegant and sophisticated look to their homes.

Let us consider the pros and cons of open kitchen designs.

Pros of open kitchen design

The open kitchen design is ideal for single family HDB flats owing to following reasons:

  • It gives a sense of space to small homes and provides airiness
  • The openness of the plan makes it easier to mingle and is perfect for families having kids and pets
  • Open kitchen plans are especially recommended to families that value and celebrate their meal times.
  • Families who entertain a lot also love this concept since hosts get to mingle with guests while puttering around the kitchen.

Cons of open kitchen design concept

The open kitchen concept is not preferred by some homeowners owing to following disadvantages:

  • The design merely creates an illusion of space. While it helps guests not feel cooped up in crammed space; it tends to reduce your, the hosts’, privacy.
  • The designing of such a kitchen takes expertise since there are many hidden or unseen pitfalls that could backfire.
  • Open kitchen renovations require you to break down walls. This would mean getting specific permits from the authorities.

Factors to consider when getting the open kitchen design plan right

After considering the pros and cons of this style of interior design, you must discuss these important factors with your interior designer.

  • Avoid unnecessary obstructions– Many homeowners make the mistake of selecting open kitchen designs only to later add shelves, cupboards, cabinets and other obstructions that are barriers to the eye. Of key importance is providing airiness and spaciousness which is only possible through appropriate furniture.
  • The open design is all about harmony and balance– Balance, harmony and unity are central to this design. So it is important to avoid bulky, overly decorated furniture and shelving units. These will only cut off the kitchen from the view by drawing the observer’s eye towards them.
  • Of course you can have upper storage cabinets– Since you are working with limited space, you might wish to increase the storage through the use of simple, unobtrusive and elegant upper cabinets. Make sure that the style and colour used in these matches the rest of the home.
  • Kitchen islands– Another essential element of successful open kitchen design is adding a kitchen island. Islands define a border between the eating and cooking areas and also act as additional countertop spaces. If you have a slightly larger kitchen, you could even install a stylish breakfast bar or simply add in a beautiful dining table. Whatever idea you choose, do not leave the open kitchen area empty as that will only impart an unfinished look to the design.
  • Handle open shelves with caution– Open shelves look great provided you exercise caution when implementing them. Remember that you will also have to dust and clean a lot more when you implement this style of storage. The items in the shelves must also be colour coordinated with the rest of the interior palette. It is essential to avoid placing items that grab the viewer’s attention since you would only obstruct the view that would beat the entire purpose of creating illusion of space.

We leave you with some pictures of open kitchen design concept.

open kitchen design concept open kitchen design concept

open kitchen design concept Singapore open kitchen design concept Singapore

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