Want to make your renovation project fun and vibrant? Do not know how to introduce the vintage style design of the 50s and 60s? Then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will cover all the essential steps of the Retro style of Interior Design which is not just fun to create, but also fun to live in.

Why choose retro interior design?

When you choose to decorate your home using the retro style of interior design, you not only get a functional space; you also create a unique look that truly reflects your personality and taste. This style is especially great for homeowners who love vibrant, bright and cheerful colours. Many people make the mistake of thinking that designing in the retro style of interior design will make their home look like a museum or as if it has been in a time warp. However; this is not the case. The key is to select new items which are designed in the vintage or retro style along with the right kind of ceramics, glassware, lighting and artworks to liven up the rooms.

Starting steps

Take a look at the items you own. Some of them may already be period items-furniture pieces or ceramics belonging to the earlier decades. Otherwise, you might need to invest in some items. Before you do so, talk to your interior designer who can educate you about the interior style of the different decades. The term ‘retro’ is an umbrella term used for describing various periods such as the 1950’s, 60’s and the 70s. Each style has its own charm and uniqueness. The 1950s, for example, can be described as a kitchy look; the 60s as a bit mod and the 70s as boho chic. Once you decide on the kind of feel you want for your house, you can consider taking steps to keep things consistent throughout.

Creating a focal point

The success of the retro style of interior design lies in creating a focal point for each room. Thus, turquoise coloured sofa in the living room or a dining table with wild geometric patterns in the dining area are some centrepieces that can make the room revolve around them.


The seating, the display units and the tables of the retro style design will help create the era you wish to bring in your home. Naturally, you must ensure buying practical, useable and durable furniture pieces that are also sturdy. If you are buying them second hand, or from vintage/antique stores, do check them thoroughly for stability.


The ornaments you choose can make or break the retro look. These items need not always have functionality; they can simply look good in the room but are still very much necessary to help you pull the whole style together. Vases, mirrors and ceramics are some items that are must haves in the retro style of interior designing. You can select colours around these objects or first select the room’s colour schemes and then choose its ornaments. In either case, you cannot go wrong.


Bold, vibrant and electric colours are the key to this style of designing. If you are hesitant to go too bright, you can keep the walls neutral but you must add bright splashes of colours or at least buy multi-print, multi-colour objects to brighten them up.


This style uses several lights apart from the overhead ones. So ensure adding plenty of lamps around the room making sure to select low wattage bulbs that help save on energy costs. Dim lights are also ideal to create a relaxing mood in the room.

We leave you with some photos of the retro style of interior design.

Retro Style of Interior Design

Retro Style of Interior Design

Retro Style of Interior Design

Image: Nallau|Fofodo