The dining rooms are back! As more and more Singaporeans are discovering the benefits of eating together, the dining areas are also getting trendier. So let us take a look at how one can spice up their dining areas during their home renovation Singapore projects.

Colours for the dining area

Colour plays an important role in stimulating our appetites and moods. Red and orange are especially popular colours for the dining spaces as these are known to enhance and boost the appetite. Many restaurants therefore use these colours in their interiors.  Naturally, all shades of red might not be apt for the residential dining areas- so one could go in for clearer or darker shades like burgundy, wine reds etc. Other popular colours for the dining areas include celery green, biscotti beige and summery blueberry. If you are not repainting the house during your home renovation, you could simply buy accessories in these colours –for example rugs, table runners, upholstery, etc. Persian rugs in dark red colour are especially popular among Singaporean homeowners. Not only are these rich, warm and inviting; they also hide stains well-a feature most important to families having kids or pets. In case of an informal dining area, one can even add upholstery and rugs in geometric shapes and patterns.

Add a theme to the dining room

Often, people make the mistake of not adding any theme to their dining area. This results in a hotchpotch and non-uniform look that sets the dining area completely out of sync from the rest of the home. The best way to add a theme (without spending too much) is through the use of wall art pieces, sconces, and as mentioned before, accessories. Pictures or paintings of food are the best- they stimulate the appetite and make everyone eager to taste the food that has been prepared. Another theme ideal for fast-paced Singaporean lifestyles is the Asian inspired theme consisting of black furniture (you can even paint or polish your existing furniture) as well as the placement of delicate chinaware in transparent cabinets behind or near the dining table. You can also include woven mats in green or blue on the table and include overhead Chinese lantern-style lights to illuminate the area. If there is a window near the dining table, you can add bamboo blinds or simple drapes to it. For other themes like the rustic or country style remodelling, you can add quilts in place of table cloth, bright dishes on the walls behind the buffet area as well as botanical or floral printed wallpapers to single or multiple walls of the dining room.

Choose the right tables and chairs

We often make the mistake of thinking that we won’t spend too much time in the dining area. This could not be more wrong and as mentioned earlier, more and more Singaporeans are not only entertaining more; they are even lingering at the dining table after their meals. Even kids are choosing to do their homework at the dining table, in many households. Naturally, comfort is of utmost importance when buying furniture for this area. Standard dining tables allow for 24 to 30 inches between two people and also space of at least 2 ½ feet across the table. The tables’ legs should not be in anyone’s way when eating. The chairs should also be comfortable for kids and adults and should be upholstered with fabrics that do not stain easily. The shape of the tables should be based upon the overall size of the room- round shaped dining tables are the best when the room in question is small and square. However, if you entertain a lot, you might want to consider larger rectangular shaped dining tables which you can drape with elegant tablecloths, chinaware, placemats and linen. The latter could all be in attractive colours which complement the colours of the season or the festival in which you are entertaining.

These simple and cost effective ideas can help you change the look and feel of your dining room without spending a tone of money on your home renovation.

Featured image by HeatherScottHome&Design