Interior Design Singapore

In this guide, we will be introducing and making it easy for homeowners to understand what are the different styles of interior design in Singapore. Using these tips, you can differentiate between these styles in order to make an informed decision while planning your Singapore renovation project.

Contemporary style

This style is characterized by clean and sleek lines and you will find that its focus is entirely on functionality. In a way, this style can be very similar to the Minimalist style of interior decoration where there is avoidance of excessive ornamentation and use of clean and smooth textures. The colours you can use in the contemporary style of interior designing include neutral shades with large blocks of colours. Geometric shapes and natural fibres like jute and cotton are also important to this style.

contemporary style of home renovation designing in Singapore

Traditional style

The traditional style of decoration consists of graceful, curved lines. This design is inspired by the early Victorian Era where tables and chairs had curved legs and arched backs. Dark woods, chandeliers and fine mouldings are highlights of this style. Dark wooden furniture is also used a lot-additionally, you might also find dual toned stripe prints and textural fabrics in it.

traditional style of home renovation Singapore

Asian Style

As the name indicates, this style of interior designing is inspired by Chinese and Japanese cultures. It is also called the Minimalist style of designing. You will find a lot of smooth and satin textures like silk pillows and drapes herein. The emphasis of this design is not only on functionality but also on peace and harmony. Wood and bamboo furniture is used extensively in Minimalist designing. A home designed in this style might also use Japanese inspired colours like soft whites, parchment yellows or greys or, conversely, Chinese inspired reds, gold, emeralds, sapphire, black etc.

Minimalism interior designing for home renovation Singapore

Classical style

This style of designing is based on order, symmetry and balance. It usually consists of including a focal point for every room- gold framed mirror, or marble sconces lining some artwork etc. You might also find the use of Roman and Greek urns or columns repeating throughout the room. The flooring used in this style is of natural material such as marble or stone. The fabric treatments are elegant and reserved and you would find cottons, velvets, and canvas in muted shades of yellows, blues, greens or browns.

traditional style of interior designing

Country style

The country style of designing is characterized by comfortable and cosy materials and furnishings. The use of time worn furniture and naturally handcrafted materials is also essential in this style. You will find objects made from wood, tin, stone or wrought iron. Floral and check fabrics made from cottons and linens in greens, reds, blues and other softer shades are of primary importance.  The French country style is a derivative of this style but with more European look in the form of sophisticated and romantic colours like beige, ivory etc.

different styles of renovation Singapore-Country style

Art Deco/Retro style

Art deco is a very versatile style of designing as you have the freedom of choosing any colours. It combines ancient cultural look with modern machine look. The lines used in this style are modern, streamlined, curvaceous or geometric. Chrome furniture made from stainless steel or glass along with inlaid wood is the highlight of this style.

different styles of renovation Singapore-Art deco style

Tropical style

Those who wish to give a light and airy feel to their home could select this style of designing for their home renovation. Exotic textured wood with woven rattan or bamboo furniture upholstered using natural materials like silks, linen or jute in neutral colours with touches of the ocean are the key points in this style.

tropical style of interior designing Singapore home renovation

Eclectic style

This style is a combination of variety of styles from different eras. Therefore, it uses a combination of colours, styles and textures. Multitudes of fabrics, tassels and fringes in neutral or one or 2 colours that tie into the design are the highlights of the eclectic style of interior designing. The featured image depicts this style of interior designing.

In next few articles we will discuss these interior design styles in detail.

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