For most homes, the kitchen serves as the place where family and friends gather to enjoy good meals, good conversation and lasting memories. It is the true gathering spot of the home. It is no wonder that many home owners insist that their kitchen look its best. That goes from the tiles, to the faucets, to the floor, cooking ware and dinner ware.

Everything must be complementary and balanced to pull off that kitchen perfection. However, not many people know how to achieve this state of perfection. There are common mistakes that many home owners make when it comes to designing their kitchen. In fact, there are 10 kitchen design mistakes you should never make. Let’s count them down so you can avoid them as best as possible.


Many people think they are better designers and builders than what they really are. Do not trick or fool yourself into thinking you can do all of this work by yourself. As best as you could, try consulting or engage the services of an interior design professional. Nothing is worse than a home project gone wrong. It presents a sloppy appearance and often costs more money, resources and effort to fix the problem than, for instance, if you had let a professional do it in the first place.


You want your kitchen to feel comfortable and homey but there is a limit to having too many personal touches and decorations. Remember that a kitchen’s primary use is to cook meals and enjoy them. In addition to clutter hindering these activities, it can create quite an eyesore. You can save room and prevent a headache by keeping it simple and clean.


While preparing meals, you need to set out all of your ingredients and utensils, right? What if there’s not enough counter space? Nothing is more dangerous than working with knives within a confined or uncomfortable area. When designing your kitchen, you need to make sure there is as much counter space as your kitchen will allow. This makes it easy for your meal preparations.

Nothing ruins a meal faster than the entrée falling because you just didn’t have enough counter space to place it. If you have a small kitchen, you can choose from a variety of containers or suspended stowage where you can conveniently keep items out of sight.


Just like lighting in any room within your home, it is important to have good lighting in your kitchen too. When you are planning your kitchen lighting, consider your specific kitchen and its layout. Avoid lighting that is too bright because it gives your kitchen a washed-out feeling, but neither would you want something too dim either.

Go for day-light spectrum lights that highlight critical kitchen work areas, such as the work space where you do plentiful of cutting. This will allow you to work safely during meal preparations. In the non-conspicuous areas, subtle lighting with a warmer spectrum can be considered.


The kitchen is one room where you don’t want to have any nasty falls or accidents. There is a high chance of accidents happening when your kitchen pathways are too restricted. Keep in mind that hot food and liquids are handled in the kitchen and you want to avoid spilling them at all costs.

Make sure there’s plenty of room to walk. If you have a kitchen with an island, make sure there is enough room all around the island for you to walk comfortably. An inadequate clearance could pose a serious injury.


Who doesn’t want to save a few pennies? While there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a little money, reliability do come at a price. Avoid inferior products especially for your kitchen cabinetry. Carpentry is never cheap but good quality materials combined with good workmanship will ensure durability for a long time.

You can look for bargains but don’t skimp. Look around and do some price comparison while shopping. Local thrift stores and outlets can also be a great way to get great price reductions from brands you can trust. Keep in mind that you want to preserve your kitchen for as long as possible.


It’s great to stay on top of the trends, but exercise caution when it comes to your kitchen design. People get tired of trends overtime. What looks good to you today might not have the appeal next year.

If you want to be safe, instead of trying to build an extremely trendy kitchen, go moderate with basic and evergreen design themes and build personality with smaller gadgets or decorations. That way when it is time for them to go, it’s not hard on your wallet and they are easily replaceable.


A big mistake that most home owners make while designing their kitchen is overlooking ventilation. Proper ventilation ensures your kitchen is free of bad or oily odour, leaving fresh air to circulate within. It also helps to preserve your appliances in good condition as well. Health-wise, proper ventilation can prevent breathing issues.