Any home renovation Singapore project can be greatly enhanced by using wallpapers to brighten up dingy walls. Since most renovation projects are time consuming and costly, it is of utmost importance that homeowners select the right materials to decorate walls in a hassle free manner. Wallpapers are an ideal option here as they are relatively easy to apply, hassle free and also offer a wide range of choices to suit every room and style.

Here are top tips to initiate the uninitiated into the dazzling world of wallpapers.

Consider the room, maintenance and your budget when buying a wallpaper

When selecting wallpaper, start by observing the room where it will be used. You must consider the elements that are already present there: is there some artwork/focal point in that room that you do not wish to part with? Then you must accommodate it into the grander scheme of things. Also, if you are working on a small room, the last thing you’d want is to select wallpaper having large or overwhelming designs. This would only make the room look even smaller. Naturally, the opposite is true for larger rooms. Consider only moderately sized patterns for larger spaces so that they complement the design as well as the area of the room. Other factors to consider when purchasing wallpaper are the maintenance and the cost. If you have kids or pets or live in a part of city having lot of traffic or pollution, you might want to consider darker colours that will remain fresh looking for years to come. Other factors like your budget etc will also determine the style and colour of wallpapers.

Consider the type of wallpaper

Wallpapers come in a wide range of styles and prices depending upon the quality and the type of adhesives used for sticking them. Vinyl wallpapers are exceedingly popular these days–they are pre-treated with special glue that is water activated and really easy to apply especially for novices. For those experienced in the art of wallpapering, the traditional roll on-and-paste wallpapers are a great option. Apart from type of glue, wallpapers are also classified based on their style: textured wallpapers, striped wallpapers or patterned wall papers being some examples in these. Textured solid wallpaper designs are best for novice DIY homeowners whereas those using professional wallpapering services will do well with striped and patterned ones.

Consider hiring a professional

DIY wallpaper project is only ideal for those homeowners who have prior experience in the art and science of wallpapering. The fact is: it might seem very easy to do, but this project needs careful consideration as well as experience. To start with, you must measure each wall properly and buy more wallpaper than the dimensions. Start by determining the square feet area per wall. Do this for each wall where you plan on putting the wallpaper. Once this is out of the way, go to the store and present the dimensions to the store rep. If you have hired an experienced renovation contractor or designer in Singapore, s/he will do this for you. You can always have the final word in the selection process, but the pro will certainly guide you in selecting a design and colour that will greatly enhance the room while taking into account factors mentioned above.

A great wallpaper design can create eye-catching effects which a paint job might not be able to. Naturally, it all starts with its selection. We hope these three tips help you select the right wallpaper and brighten up your home by infusing a fresh breath of life into its walls.