When it comes to getting cabinets made, it is a good practice to know and check how a particular material will lend itself in terms of durability and maintenance as different areas in your home will need different kinds of cabinets and finishes. Contrary to popular opinion, laminate cabinets need not be restricted only to the kitchen and instead can be used in the living room and bedroom too. Here we are going to tell you what you need to know about laminate cabinets.

By definition: Laminate cabinets are manufactured with a thin film of material glued to the exterior surface while the insides are made of inexpensive wood. Laminates are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, from not-so-expensive plastics to expensive wood like finishes.

How much do they cost: Laminate cabinets are cheaper than their solid wood counterparts. Due to this, they are an oft-used material used in cabinet manufacture the world over. Though they cannot match up to the extra resale value that good quality solid wood cabinets will attract, buying good quality laminate cabinets will not let you down either. So while you do want to save money, do not crimp and choose sub-standard laminates. You will only end up remodelling and spending more money again.

How will they look: While not much can replace how solid wood cabinets will look, the big advantage with laminate cabinets is that they can mimic several finishes including real wood. A few high-end options are not easily distinguishable from the real deal so if you do want cabinets that look like wood, this is a good option. If you would like to try a different finish, check with your renovation contractor about what other choices are available to you.

laminate cabinets for bedroom white

How durable are they: This is undoubtedly an important query. No home owner wants to spend time, money and effort getting cabinets made only to have them replaced in a short while. If they are taken good care of, laminate cabinets are definitely durable as they are not easily scratched or dented. In case the glue which is used to stick the laminate loosens up, it may not be too easy to reattach. Given Singapore’s humid conditions, it might also exacerbate the problem. In case the cabinets are exposed to water or damp conditions they may crack or peel. It could in turn weaken the cabinets and eventually need replacing. But using the right kind of finish could avoid these issues.

laminate cabinets for open kitchen Singapore

How easy are they to clean: Another advantage in favour of laminate cabinets is that they are fairly easy to maintain. For most part you should be able to wipe them down with a damp cloth. If you are using them in the kitchen, getting rid of grease, food stains and grime can be tackled easily provided you have used the right kind of finish and laminate.

laminate cabinets

If you have decided to pick laminate cabinets ask your renovation contractor for samples – ask for different brands and finishes. See how they look under different light conditions, during the day and with the kind of lighting you will have at home so you have a fair idea of how your cabinets will appear inside your home. On an end note besides being affordable and durable and easy to clean to a large extent, laminate cabinets can prove to be a good pick for most home owners.

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